Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd Vaccination

Hello pals... *tired*
I just got my 2nd vaccination yesterday... mom din told me about it.. she just told me "Autumn, let's go out!" and of course I'm so happy to go out n meet friends but... we ended up went to the Gasing Veterinary Hospital.. when I reach there I can sense medicine smell but I still didn't get it until a young vet came and talk to my mom... then we went to a small room near the waiting area.

After a few talks with the girl, mom put me on the stainless table and the girl is touching me... she's checking my bone, my teeth etc... then she continues talking with my mom while another girl came into the room and start holding me... I'm crying wan to go to mom's place but she keep on holding me and then the vet took something out....

Mom kept on asking me to quiet n don't cry.. then I feel something was poking me... it doesnt feel hurt at all at that time but.... after few hours I feel there is something inside that really painful!!!
T_____T I try to bear it but seems like I can't bear it anymore so I cried as loud as I can to tell mommy that it's really hurt me... =[ after that I felt so lazy and tired and sleep whole day.. mommy was there next to me always... whenever I woke up I can see her next to me but I still angry at her because she made me like this and I kept on ignore her yesterday...

sorry mom... I know u love me! just bear with me =]

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X'mas everyone!

*woof woof* Merry Xmas~~~~
This is my first xmas with mommy... but nothing much except stay at home as usual...
but yesterday we went to fluff for the count down!! hehe
I saw people was singing xmas songs and I want to join too! but mom says that we cant joined them as it was to crowd so we just went to the shop and watched it there...

Yesterday was a bit fun for me as we all do the countdown.. and I can meet my previous family too! but too bad my real mom and dad didn't join us yesterday but it still fun thou meet my other friends... just that I cant play much as mommy remind me that I havent finish my jab yet so have to stay at the sofa and cant play with them T____T

but but but... mommy made me wear 1 cute shirt called minnie! haha I'm so confused cuz this is my first time wore a cloth and it made me feels hot!! but mommy says I look cute so I let her be hehe... but once she let me see the pics... I looks so confused here @.@

still got the price! omg...

I looked so messy T___T

Monday, December 22, 2008

I hate NDS!!!

I wanna scream!!! T_____T
nowadays mommy back to her old addiction called NDS!!! *cries*
she still feed and play with me... but seems that these days NDS is her baby more than me and I'm jealous!!! T_T

she did bought me some treats as replacement..... nice but I wanna play with mommy~~~
I wan a christmas present from her!! I wan it so much and still thinking what to ask from her as this will be my 1st christmas with mommy <3

oh!! stay tuned pals cuz end of this week our 'maltese gang' gonna have xmas party soon!! and and this time I will introduce my family to u.... called winter n summer =] their my sister diff parents thou xD but bigger than me and winter is joining a junior category of dog show next year... wish her luck and don't forget to stay tuned for our biggest party!! *whink*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

another shower for me...

as u see... today I got my 2nd shower from mommy and seriously I HATE SHOWER!!!! I tried to runaway from mommy but u know.. she can catch me easily.. T__T

while showering... mommy told me a secret... she said.. I'm not supposed to shower today... but a changed of plan cuz a friend of mom called earlier and said that she needs mommy to take care of her furkids till end of the month.. and supposed to send her on thursday but it changed to tomorrow as she have an early flight.

after hang up the phone... mom started to cleaned the room.. move things here n there and locked me up into play pen as I kept on chasing her legs and mom nearly step on me.. yeah -.-" I know I'm wrong but but but.... I dun wan to be locked!! *pout* I bark and bark but mommy kept on ignoring me and continue her work.... after she finished... she turned to me and grins...

Oh ow! I can sense something wrongs with it.... cuz mommy suddenly walk towards me and grins happily... I tried to run but I'm inside playpen!! then... in a second time... I was in my mom's hand and she bring me to the bathroom!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *whining*

an hour has passed and I finish my shower... I swear... after this.. I wont take any shower again!!
but ohh.... I still have time to snap some pics... *giggles*



*smiling makes me looks more pretty.. wheeee*

mom said I was so tired that I fell asleep after she put me on the floor... see.. I looks like a bunch of fluffy stuff hehe


Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanks Auntie Felly =p

Sorry pals!!!
Supposed to be updating my blog as this post were dedicated to Auntie's Felly.. but mommy always stick onto her laptop and wont let me borrow even a while to update my blog *bitesmommy'sslipper*

Auntie Felly is mommy's friend... mommy told me that she scared of dogs.. so I have to behave well mannered when I meet her so she wont scared of me... I did that pretty well u know! cuz mommy told me that Auntie Felly said I was cute and she even asked if she could take a pic with me *giggles* I was soooo happy that mommy were praising me cous I was being nice and obedient.

But too bad that Auntie Felly is moving back to Indo few days ago... and I was so sad cuz she is a good and kind girl.. always play with me and she even gave me a present!! although it just a hair clip.. but I lurve it very much and ask mommy to wear it to me...

tadaaa.... do I look pretty?
*ooppss forgive my messy looks 8D*

what do u guys think?? basically I lurve my 1st pic.. cuz I know I looks cute... and owh.. I think I'm still cute without those clips? =p

ps : christmas coming!! counting....counting.....counting...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I hate shower!!!

*grumps* today mommy made me go for a bath and I HATE THAT!! *growls* mommy said it would be okay and I will look more pretty after shower but but but.. I just don't like it!! I...... scare of water... and I dun wan mommy to know that so I pretend to be brave buttttt when I saw water are coming and splashing onto my body I was calling MOMMMYYYYYYY~~~~~ so loud but mommy said it would be okay and I will looks more prettier.. T_____T

Not only the water... the dryer also made me freakin out... -.-" the noisy sound made me so scared but mommy still said its okay... and when the winds are blowing and it coming so near I'm trying to run but mommy catch me back!!! Oh! I'm so gonna revenge to her later *growls*

Finally its all done and mommy said I looks cute n pretty despite all that happened just now... and now she's trying to took my picture but.. oh! it's revenge timee~~

Sorry mom... but I have to do this so next time u wont let me take another bath... wouldnt u? or u will ignore it? pleaseeeee..... *puppy-eyes* anyway... I had posted some pictures here but ehrm... sorry.. cant see my face because I was taking revenge on my mom so I dun wan her to take my face 8D
*dont wan to look at camera*

Mommy : autumn pleaseeeee
me : nope... promise me you wont bath me again..
Mommy : -.-"
me : ok la.. I diam diam let u took la.. but no face pic!
mommy : T_T

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1st post

*woofwoof* this is my first post for my blog! yay! mommy decided to open a blog for me to find more friends and I love it! *kissmommy*

Since this is my first post.. I wan to show you guys my first toys that mommy bought for me recently! I like it very much esp the "bell-ball" its fun to play cuz whenever I bite or kick it, it will have bell sounds and its really fun to play with that. I'm too exited and forgot its already bedtime till mommy scold me because I was too noisy and disturb her sleep... but after awhile she let me sleep with her and I quickly snuggle into the bed before she scold me again.. Thank you mom for the present! muachhh

*mommy took some pictures while I'm playing with my ball*