Friday, April 20, 2012

Kenzo and Misha is BACK!!!!

Here's what I got from mom's blog :)


I can't believed there are back!! Both Misha and Kenzo were dog-napped on last August, 25 2011.
We've been distributing fliers and search in any places like black market, pet shop or anywhere we can guess but to no avail. Thou we don't want to give up but we still hold a tiny hope waiting for a day where we could see them again.

Some frequent followers should know that last year I posted an entry about the missing Kenzo and Misha. They're belong to a close friend of mine, so when I heard about the dog-napped it really surprised me to see that I can't see both of then again.

Skip the old story, earlier today, I was tagged on a photo by a friend of mine in Facebook. It was a photo of male husky with details "
Male Husky looking for urgent home! More than 6 y.o. found abandoned by the roadside. Please call our office at XXX for inquiries"

Apparently it was posted by SPCA. The moment I look at the photo, I see how similar it is to Kenzo but I don't dare to think it is him, cause its more than half a year now that both of them went missing...

Then minutes later my friend posted this on his Facebook and I realizes it is Misha!!

Apparently the photo posted by SPCA is indeed Kenzo and I can't believe I 'close-one-eye' on that photo without thinking much!

Here's the story of how we found both Kenzo and Misha (by their owner)

They were dog-napped from my house since 25th August last year, so it had been more than half a year! I was doing deliveries and trapped in heavy rain so I decided to browse FB using my hand-phone and I saw someone shared a photo so similar to Kenzo! I called up immediately and realized that's SPCA contact. I drove there and IT IS KENZO!! They wouldn't release my dog and it is already passed their visiting hour (til 4pm), so they couldn't wait for me to bring them a microchip scanner. I will do it the 1st thing in the morning tomorrow and bring Kenzo back!

As for Misha, one SPCA Indian staff told me that it was at a graveyard nearby. Me & Wishan went there and found a Chinese graveyard, so we keep searching until the very end of the graveyard, Misha can't be found. Then we heard someone calling us, it was the SPCA Indian staff, we followed him down to an Indian graveyard. Misha was chained there, apparently the workers there saw Kenzo & Misha roaming / running pass so they caught Misha and never manage to catch Kenzo."

Glad to know both of them are back with us! Misha has just taken a nice bath and we all can't wait to go back to SPCA first thing in the morning tomorrow to release Kenzo!!

Thank you so much for all the prayers given. We wouldn't found them back without any thoughts and prayers from you all :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doggy Style Magazine issue 06

Sorry for forgetting to update my blog. As I've mentioned on my last post, I've been helping mom (and myself) for the past month and finally issue 06 are out! (actually they've out since early of this month xD) This is the issue where mom and us worked together and my first official job. Thus I wanna share the joy with my dearest friends.

Thank you for your support and suggestion from reader's point of view. I'm so sorry if I've began to lose out from blogger. Since mom has open her own blogger/site sometime we switch over there and thus a lil forgotten to update here. I'll still continue to blog but of course won't be as often as last time.

Mom's new site is Memoirs. You can either click follow the blog and/or comment below that you would like to be followed. I know some of my blog-lists are either stop blogging or in vacuum, so by commenting below, it's easier for me to know who's still active and I'll ask mom to add you on the site so we could often drop by to your blog as usual.

Thank you so much for all the help and sorry for the hassle. I miss you guys so much so I'm gonna drop by to yours after this :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Suggestions needed!

Hi guys! Sorry for not showing up much often these days :(
Mom is having her year end holiday and has been busy helping out her friend and of course she brought her laptop with her!!! I've been telling her to buy me one spare notebook for me to update my blog as usual. But she said kids like me shouldn't use computer by myself without her supervision -.-"

Don't you all think its UNFAIR??? I mean, I'm 3 years old now and I've know what's the do and don't inside the house. I know where I should go for potty and never missed the spot. Despite all that, she said I'm STILL A KID!!! I guess I will have to find a part time job for myself in order to buy my own notebook....

Lucky I am, I found a side job which I think its not a bad deal either! What I have to do is to think of any suggestions or advices for a magazine content. It was a pet magazine and I thought I could use some ideas from you all.

1. What do you looking for in a pet's magazine?

2. What attracts you the most when buying a magazine esp. pet's magazine?
3. Any specific content or topic that you want to see in the magazine?
4. Advices and suggestion will be accepted because I need lots of idea on specific column or content which readers prefer to see.

Thank you in advance for the suggestions. Will drop by to your page to catch up as soon as I can! =)