Sunday, April 26, 2009

Small update for hersley boy

He went for the scanning yesterday morning and he came back safely!!
Doc said nothing wrong with the brain and he doesn't need any surgery but he need to go for few more check up to make sure he's okay. Next appointment will be heart scan with scheduled next week. Hopefully this time he really can recover fast and back to his naughty nature =]

Thank you so much for praying and send vibes for Hersley Boy... Owe you guys a millions thanks and I will treasure all of you as my forever friends *hugs n kisses*

Since Hersley boy is recovering now... next post will back to post bout me!! yay!! finally!! *dances*
I had so much to say and share with you guys esp. brother mango! *lick face*

Ohh... one more thing.. I'm going to see dentist soon after this and I heard mom said I need to go for some surgery as one of my teeth stick with the gum/meat so can't pluck it off for few days.. when she consult with vet, he told my mom that I need to do surgery to remove it and mom feel so hesitant bout it. After consulted for a week.. she decided to send me there and wait for me...
I'm so scared.. because I can see mom is trying hard to comfort me and kept on telling me its okay despite that she's scared bout this surgery..

I'm off to see vet now... please help me guide through this surgery so I can be back soon and do more update.

Love you guys...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on Baby Axl Part 2

Update on Hersley boy,
Hersley is jumping up and down these few days n waking me up in early morning to drink water. Just that his appetite for food is still low.
A lot of ppl has offered help and suggestions of all kind and I would like to say thanks. We just dont hope to go to this vet and that vet and getting more n more medicines to try on hersley.
He had been on multiple dignosis and multiple medications which i dont hope to try more medications on him. Every vet has his own opinion, eg, he must have virus (most common), it must be parasites,sign of concussions, it must be poison, some says dont listens to docs, some suggested other medications, try more vets, try their docs. But most of all, what I see is that he had knocked his head and the bruise stayed there for more than 2 weeks and I looked for the symthom online, and it suits.
He had been on drips for 2 days, trieds immune booster by a kind donater, on parasite medications, given jab, antibiotic, on scorban, anti-vomit medicine, anti diarrhea, on glucose, given colostrum (T-Factor), for almost 3 weeks now. Anymore things to try on him, I hope not. If he has knocked his head and the bruise stayed for sometime, i hope not to ignore that sign by hoping it to be something else. His vacination has been long overdue too cause he is too weak to go for the 2nd jab.
Progress of Hersley - Hersley is now 3 1/2 months old
1. In period of 3 weeks, Fit (seizures) for 3 times, last fit was last week. consider stable now
2. couldnt stand, waking dizzyly like a crab, tripped side ways occassionally to walking normal but weak.
3. Not playing with anydogs and grumpy until now.
4. Sleeping near 23 hours a day to sleeping lesser now.
5. vomited however last vomit was 4 days ago, dont like food with taste
6. Diarrhea but poo is firm n nice now
7. excessive drooling, has stopped
8.Eating a lil to not eating. Now, eating 10 cent coin size a amount of food in a day.
9. forced to drink water. Now, drinking on his own.
10. Around 0.7cm long hole in the middle of skull- wondering the long hole is there due to the fall?
11. Now started to bark whenver I am not around.
12. Pale gum, now looks normal
13.Bruise on scalp stratch from the forhead to the back just disappear few days ago
So, just try on the scan okay guys? We are willing to travel to Kuantan as long as it helps. The appointment is schedule tomorrow morning 10am. The only weakness of this scan is Hersley has to go on anesthetic which I am a lil scared as he is weak.
I have called up the vet, and acording to him, the scan is around RM1.5k to RM2.5k depending on the duration of the scan. So, will try to nego with him at 1.5k as this is the amount we expected earlier.
Hersley Boy aka Axl had gain back his strength because of the love that you all sent. I hope he will remain as healthy as he is now as he had suffered enough when he needs to put on drip and also medicine that he needs to take.
Thank you so much paws!! Will let you all know the result of the scanning =]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on Baby Axl Part 1

Here's an update from the pup caretaker bout his health,

He seems better today compared to few days before. We are trying to get him eat as much as possible as he doesnt seems to have appetite for anything. He sometimes vomit when given tasty food. SO we only feed him boiled chicken with glocose water with supplements.

As for the scan, I have contacted the vet and waiting for him to get the contact of the doctor for me to make appointment for hersley boy. Still waiting though. Will contact him later.

According to him, there is no brain surgery in malaysia however, it is best to know how much is the damage in the brain if there still is and give the medications according to conditons. As until now baby boy already had his 3rd fit and not feeling well all the time. He can sleep 23 hours a day without waking up. We were at first not sure whether to take him in for the scan as it involves a lot of $ and the owner couldnt affort for it. But we has to make a decision as his conditions doesnt improves. And like the doc says, it is better to know what is going on as his conditions hasnt doesnt stablise after so long time.

The good thing is the bruise on his head has subside a few days ago. I am just waiting for the better days.

As for now only this I can update because we are still waiting confirmation on when can we bring the pup for brain scanning. The next day after I posted on heartbreaking news, I went to see him to check on him. Surprisingly or it could be a miracle that I saw him walk around and more active than before!! He who can slept for 23 hours a day, in 1 day he became so happy and walk around as he know paws are sending their vibes from all the world and he seems to answer to our prayer. But sadly, after that day he back to his normal life... sleep motionless and need to be forced feed...

Thanks you so much for all the vibes that sent to him. I, as the sister really felt so thankful to have friends like you all. As for now, I just want the best for him and I want to know what is happening to him rather than left him stuck in the middle of life and death.

Also, I'm so thankful to my brother Mango, Suzuki, suzuki's Boyfriend Checkers, Matilda, and Bumpasshounds.
These paws had a wonderful heart and had sent some donation for Baby Axl. Also I'm so thankful for those who had send good vibes for baby boy. I hope all of you will keep on sending a good vibes to Baby Axl until he recover and I will make sure to update you all about his health.

As for Mango, I'm so sorry that I might need few more days to sent the package to you as for the moment we are busy handle things for baby boy. Hope you can understand =]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paypal account

As been proposed by Suzuki we finally decide to open up a post especially for pawsome who lived far away from us to help baby Axl. This paypal accounts belong to our company so those who had sent the money through our paypal fund, please remember to send an email to to let us know who had donate and how much you had transfer. This is to prevent any names being left out. Because all these funds from you all will be listed out on a paper list and I will personally send this money on behalf of you guys. So I need your confirmation on who's sending the money and how much it is. I will keep on updating my blog about the list of paws who had help on funding my brother also will keep on updating about my brother health.

Thank you so much guys! your wishes and love is really what he needs now =]

Here is our paypal account :

Heartbreaking News!!! T_T

For all pawsome out there especially those who stayed in Malaysia, I really need your help!!! My little brother (same dad but diff mom) who's named Axl now is really need our help!! He was accidently had a bump and had injured his small little head which later on made him no appetite to eat or drink anything as whenever he ate something he will vomit it out. Also he's been in seizure for few times as well and it really made me, my mom, his mom and those who's care for him felt very sad. He's been not eating for a week now and he's got his energy from the glucose water that need to force pump into his mouth as he cant move at all and just laying down motionless....

He was put on drip few times as this is the only way to give him his last strenght as he can't even touch any food at all. Mom felt so sad and I felt it too! Because I met and play with him before. He was once a nice and handsome maltese but now his condition is just too much for me and my mom to accept. As time passes by, he became weaker and wearker as the day passed by. Today when I went for a work, I overheard mom talking with the puppy caretaker. She said Axl is not improving but he's became worsen than before and after some discussion with mom, they came out with a decission to bring him for CAT, brain scan to check if anything was damaging the brain. But the cost of this procedure is at least RM 1,500 which the owner of Axl can't afford to pay it and we need to bring him ASAP as he can't wait too long... RM 1,500 is only the amount for the brain scanning, but we still need some more fund to prepare for the surgery and many other procedure. But our concern now is to bring him for his very last chance, CAT scan.

We had started the donation for Axl at our shop @ FLUFF Pet Store and both me and mom had donated some of the money. I really wish for those who stay in KL can help my little brother. As for those who stay far away, I really need you guys to pray and wish that my brother can live as long as he can.

Some quote from mom's caretaker :
It is a CAT scan, or to put in layman term brain scanning.

No vet has the equipment but we are lucky that one of the vet's friend knows a Doctor that has the equipment and willing to do the scanning.

It is located at Kuantan, we need to travel all the way down. Me & Ying don't mind as long as there is a hope.

Every little counts, we just started a fund @ FLUFF Pet Store and we are having a very clear donation list and will be transparent in all the expenses. Some donated RM10, some donated RM50. Just drop by the counter and request to make a donation if you would. If everyone contributes a little, we will definitely able to accumulate the fund.

Pup seems to getting worst as time pass, so please if you have the heart, donate immediately.

Please please don't wait.

Thank you. The puppy is a cutie, a really cutie boy. Please please help.

This is what he looks like now... I felt so sad whenever I look at him.. so friends.. Please if you are staying in KL please help my brother and if not we just hope to receive much much love from you all so that he can gain his energy and life back m(_ _)m

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Package arrived!!!

Sorry for missing folks... Been not feeling well last few days because I stole mom's junk food and ended up with diarrhea T_T Now I do not dare to steal anything from mom as having diarrhea is really a troublesome illness. Mom need to clean my butt everything I poo and if its dirty I need to sleep on the floor and cannot sleep with her on the bed sob sob

But I feel okay now as the package has arrive!!! If you're asking what package, I would say the package which I waited for SO LONG!!! *giggles*
Yesterday when mom's friend sent the package to us late night, both me and mom so happy and she shot some pictures of me!!

Here are the pictures, when I received the mail =]

*can't wait to see the shirt so after this pic mom help me open the mail and here's what inside it*

Will try to post a pic of me wearing "lisa" shirt.. as mom said internet is too slow and failed to attached more picture... Hope Mango saw this post as this shirt gonna be with him soon!! *winks*

As a bonus.. give u my recent pics =p

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome Mango to the family

Hmm... this second post is dedicated to my bro, Mango =]
These few days I'm back to busy mode as I need to accompany my mom to work. While working me and my mom discussed something and we agreed to give a lil present for my brother, Mango to welcome him to the family. At first both me and mom can't make up our mind to find a pwerfect gift to welcome him until we saw something and mom finally agreed with me. Mom says, I can buy this as a present once I get my paycheck =]
Here is the thing that I found it suitable for brother n sister coupleT

What do you all think? Is this a good present for my bro? mine is pink and of course bro gonna wear blue color shirt =p and for that I need Mango's mom to clarify something for me :

Size : SS Chest : 42 Back : 26
Size : S Chest : 46 Back : 28
Size : SM Chest : 50 Back : 33
Size : M Chest : 54 Back : 38

Please tell me bro's measurement so I can order the shirt and we can wear brother sister couple T! I hope you will agree with this and hope you won't mind to wait a lil while until I get my paycheck done before sending the shirt to you *winks*
And don't forget to email to me home address which we can send the package. Since this is our first time sending something so far away I really hope the shirt will arrive safely on Mango's house.

Pink Roses <3

Another roses from my paws friend!! This time is from sinv, owner of Amos, Boey, and Chico the poodle. Thank you so much for this roses. I like it so much. Not because of the color and the roses itself, but I felt so thankful that I got a chance to receive this special roses from u all. I will take this gift as part of our promises to became buddy forever!!

As what it says, I took these from sinv's blog :

"Pink Roses are given to all friends out there, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive this roses as a gift, you need to pass it on to 10 friends of yours to show them you care. And of course, for those who received the roses, that's to show that, you're never been forgotten.

it is says to pass this on to 10 friends, but I have a better idea =] I'm gonna break the rules by passing this beautiful roses to whoever on my buddy list as to show my affection and promises to be a buddy forever! so paws... whoever on my buddy list or passerby of my blog you can take this beautiful roses as a token of our relationship ^^