Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hola everyone!!! This is Jasmine and I'm gonna stole the spotlight for this post *grin*.
I'm not gonna give this spot for my sissy, autumn cause she got her spot way TOO MUCH!! I'm no longer want to be left behind the screen and always be the 'second'. It is time for me to get my share! afterall the tittle of this blog has my name isn't??

First of all..........


Oops... did I overdid it?? Oh well I don't care! Since mommy is back here with us, it means we no longer have to suffer everyday missing her like crazy! We've been living in a hell for over a month (even when I went to toilet I miss how she took the toilet paper to wipe my butt). You guys have no idea what we've been living in for a month till we lose a lil bit of our weight just to miss her like crazy!

As much as I miss her like crazy, of course we shouldn't forget to ask for a 'pressie' whenever someone is going abroad right? but I think it's too much to ask from her cause she only 'bought' 3 things for us ......

1. Hair Clips
2. Leash for my sis, autumn
3. Dancing ball?

I guess the only thing that made us feels a lil bit happy is the 'dancing' ball? Hmmmm.....
Let's hope this dancing ball could entertain us!

Jasmine the cutie.

Mommy here... just a little note about what's happen with my girls. Overall Jasmine been doing great just that her tendency to lick her paws has turned her front paws into 'red/brown' instead of white. While autumn not doing so great, she's losing a lil bit of her weight and her condition is not so good either. Their pet-sitter told me that autumn's hair has become so weak that it'll break even when she just lightly comb the hair. I've been trying to feed her any supplement about healthy skin and coat but never realize that her condition has become so much worst till her coat is dropping heavily and I can clearly see her 'red' skin just by looking at her. She is now doesn't look like a maltese in any angle of view and I can't describe how frustrated and devastated I've been after seeing her like this. What I can do now is continuing feeding healthy coat and skin supplement for her condition as well as putting more conditioner and moisturizing also coat protector to enhance the hair/new hair to grow thicker and stronger. Will post her picture in few days time to update.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Millie, the white schnauzer!!!

Today I'm gonna introduce you all to someone special~!
as some of you all know, mom is back at her hometown and I'm now at our pet-sitter care. We couldn't follow her back home this year but she promise us that we could follow her back end of this year! Isn't that a great news?? I can't wait to go back to our 'home' there and meet all the family and friends that we couldn't meet before.

There's one more thing I need to show you guys. I just received some photos from mom through our pee-mail and I'm kinda jealous after I saw the photos!!! Do you know why?? She's been having fun with another dog while we're both stuck here missing her like crazy!!!

These are the photos she sent to us

This is Millie and she's 7 months old now.... I guess I should call her as 'cousin' eh? Does she looks like a giant baby? she's now 7 kg and her cloths is too tight for her just in few months!

Can't wait to see her soon in real and I hope we could be a good playmate as mom said Millie is just as crazy as meeeeeeeeee

I hope mommy faster come back and fetch us home!!