Thursday, December 11, 2008

I hate shower!!!

*grumps* today mommy made me go for a bath and I HATE THAT!! *growls* mommy said it would be okay and I will look more pretty after shower but but but.. I just don't like it!! I...... scare of water... and I dun wan mommy to know that so I pretend to be brave buttttt when I saw water are coming and splashing onto my body I was calling MOMMMYYYYYYY~~~~~ so loud but mommy said it would be okay and I will looks more prettier.. T_____T

Not only the water... the dryer also made me freakin out... -.-" the noisy sound made me so scared but mommy still said its okay... and when the winds are blowing and it coming so near I'm trying to run but mommy catch me back!!! Oh! I'm so gonna revenge to her later *growls*

Finally its all done and mommy said I looks cute n pretty despite all that happened just now... and now she's trying to took my picture but.. oh! it's revenge timee~~

Sorry mom... but I have to do this so next time u wont let me take another bath... wouldnt u? or u will ignore it? pleaseeeee..... *puppy-eyes* anyway... I had posted some pictures here but ehrm... sorry.. cant see my face because I was taking revenge on my mom so I dun wan her to take my face 8D
*dont wan to look at camera*

Mommy : autumn pleaseeeee
me : nope... promise me you wont bath me again..
Mommy : -.-"
me : ok la.. I diam diam let u took la.. but no face pic!
mommy : T_T