Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sad present in welcoming christmas...

Dear all, as much as I want to greet you all with a smiling face in the month of December. I have come to bring you all a sad news instead.

Remember my baby brother name Hersley aka Jordan? The one who need to go through a brain scanning in order to find out if his brain was injured due to his careless owner? Well... He had passed away this morning at 8.45 am sharp. With his fragile body, he's been fighting a battle of life and death through-out his life and finally he stepped into a beautiful rainbow bridge this morning.

Only few more weeks left before the magical christmas is coming but he can no longer wait for a miracle and only a month left before he turn into 2. I was so heart-broken when I received the news this morning. Jordan was a good little angel and he deserved a better life. The past is the past and what I should I do now is to think that, Jordan is now a free angel who can run through the field with his smile.

I will always remember him as my brave little one who always smile at us with a warm smile despite all the trouble that he went through. Thanks to his current mommy and daddy who always try to give their best for him. I know Jordan appreciated all the things you have done to him and he will always remember both of you.

Sleep well my sweet and brave little brother. I know you will be happy in the beautiful place with friends to play tag and run along. Please remember to always look after you mommy and daddy and send them your blessing.

You can send a warm message to his mom here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just so you know that I (we) still exist!

Just a simple post and update from us to let you all know that we still exist.
Mom getting pretty hectic for her coming exam next week so we wont be able to borrow her comp to do any updates. Besides......... I've suddenly began to have 'blank-idea' on what to write on my blog her @.@

Well, Jasmine began to adapt with her life now (I bet she is!) and became mommy's and everyone favorite (cause the say jasmine is gentle). She became more and more obvious in her plan of stealing mommy from me! Of all thinks she did, I can accept and give in to her but only 1 thing I can't accept... WHY IS SHE MORE PRETTY THAN MEEEEEEE?????

Mom's note : Jasmine seems to adapt pretty well with me and began to show her own expression to me. She was such an attention seeker and began to show her jealously if I bring Autumn out and left her at home. Now I need to take turn bring them out or if place allowed I'll bring both together. I think she's the cutest maltese I've ever seen and I'm happy to have her as my family ^_^