Friday, August 27, 2010

Jasmine has been blessed

Sorry for the slow update on Jasmine and I know you've been missing her ever since right?
Well, today I'm determine to give you a BIG SURPRISE on how she was doing right now and so on =]

The story started when I first bring her out for a walk. One week before the outing, I've been letting her wear the harness at home to let her getting use with it so she wont have any problem when I bring her out for a walk. On the day of outing, I've began to think if she will eventually scared if I let her walk with the harness as she was pretty scared when I try the harness on her. But this thinking is soon to be thrown away after I saw how she was doing on that day.

I've always believe that pictures is worth more than thousand of words. Which means, whatever I've been telling you all bout Jasmine, its still can't represent a picture which worth more than a words. So, why don't you see the pic and judge yourself? what do you guys think?

pictures credit to a friend of mine who helped me capture Jasmine's happy moment =]

Well, I do know that she loves taking a stroll around the park at least. She kept on running happily and pulling me around with her tail waging as if she never stop! It was the day when I felt so happy and lucky to be her mom. Even if people always compared her with Autumn and always told me that Jasmine is ugly and I shouldn't get her back in the first place, etc. I can proudly announce here that, I'll never regret I 'bought' her back home with me since day one and I always believe that it's not me who choose the dog but their the one who choose me instead ^^

Here are some 'gifts' for you all.. my dear friend whom I will always look up to and ask for help when I'm in need ^_^

I will end this post with my sleeping angel....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm on newspaper Cover!!!!

As I said, My picture was up on the newspaper!!! But not my 'pretty' pic thou -.-"
The paper was out on the last Friday, 6 August 2010 on China Press. Practically this cover is actually talk about the previous group who went to the Ruby Resort last June/July 2010 but the people want some dog's pictures which is in wet condition as the resort was practically near a beach and sooooooo picture of me and Scottie pose together was chosen as the cover. Both me and Scottie did not went to the resort this year so the picture is actually taken when we went there last year.

Are you guys ready to see the cover?

| | | | |

| | | |

| | |

| |


*don't know what happen suddenly the right side became so blur*

Winter (maltese), Fortune (maltese) and Rocky (long hair dachshund)'s mommy and daddy interviewed by the writer and so this page told about their stories.

Thou we're not supposed to be in the cover but it's good and me and Scottie did took a pic when we're both wet after playing in the beach muahauahu *evil laughs*

Another great news to be update : Jasmine is now part of our family!!! Mom has finally get Grandma permission to keep Jasmine and to celebrate it mom did bring her to an outing. New pic of Jasmine will be updated and posted on the next post!