Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wordless Sunday.....

How are you guys? I hope each of you have a nice sunday =]

Today was so bored and nothing to do so I just sleep sleep and sleep the whole day!!
Yesterday was a tiring day due to our 3rd maltese gathering as well as our last gathering on the shop. The shop gonna close soon end of this month and both me and mom gonna lose our favorite place to spend time.. Although we only went there twice a week to work but I enjoyed my work so much by greeting the customers and play with them. I'm sure gonna miss it once they close it down.. T_T

Because of this reason, yesterday gathering was so happening and we have Amber as our surprise guest!! I have a group snap with Amber, Chloe and Faith that night but its on mom's friend camera so, will post it on the next post =]
As for now this is the group pic that we took yesterday

and also we took a pic with Jordan aka Hersley boy and his new owner on this rare occasion =]

me, Jordan and Archie who's currently staying with me for now

I do have some comparison pictures on how small Jordan is compared to Archie which is they supposed to be in the same size. But all the pics is not with me now, will post it up soon after I got it back ^^ For those who liked to be update Jordan boy can visit his blog here, he's sharing his blog with his new mommy.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of Archie boy who's gonna stay with us temporary until his new owner shift to a new house. He was such a sweet boy who loves attention and FOOD as well!! At first, I just gave in when mom told me that I need to share some of my toys and love with him for quiet sometimes.. BUT he likes to stole my food and always gave me his innocent face... *pout* other than that.. he's quiet arrogant as well.. I tried to play with him but he growl at me -.-"

Here's I attached some pics of him with my current *sleepy* face as well =p

you can see how sleepy we are on the picture *grins*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update on Hersley boy aka Jordan

Time for updating about my lil brother =]
He is now adopted by a pretty girl that care so much for him and also have new name as Jordan. He's also having 1 big brother called Michael, shih tzu breed. Does these name sound familiar to you all? well.. if you called both of them together it will be Michael Jordan =p

His scan result has out and thank goodness that nothing is wrong and nothing to worry about his head. So for now, he needs to pump himself to be a strong boy and to continue his vaccine and live happily with his new family.

Here are some pictures on Hersley boy aka Jordan now. He is much more active but still eat very little, even sometimes really hard to made him eat.

Baby boy's new owner had given me a video on how active is Jordon now as a small boy is challenging and stealing his big bro toys. Hope he will stay active like this forever!

As for Mango, tomorrow Mom gonna go to post office to send the package after school. She's been so busy since last week, as her assignment due date seems to takes a lot of her time.. She even too busy to play with me.. T_T

As well as Empress, she is no longer my roomate now.. she's been adopted to a new family who keep her mother, Tiffany. Hope both Tiffany and Empress can get a long pretty well thou =]

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Comeback Show!!!

*winks at my title* =p
But it is my comeback show isn't it? after missing for quiet sometime... *again LOL*

Okay.. our title for today is actually about my new 'room-mate' *winks*
What to know who's my new room-mate?
hmm... some hints to made it easy... she has 4 paws of course! lol, she's bigger than me and also older than me.. can u guess who is she? haha keep reading to know who she is on the last page *smile*

First, I wanna update a small info bout Hersley Boy. He's been surprisingly been active after the scan but I have not yet received any news from mom bout the result. He also start to be noisy as well -.-" but it's good to know that he's back to his natural behave even though he still not yet 100% recover. As what I mentioned before, he needs to undergo heart scan due to abnormal heartbeat that he has.. mom been trying to hear his heartbeat and it really sounds abnormal... they had tried to made appointment with vet regarding this issue, but because baby boy is too small he cant undergo the scanning process.. so for the time being we need to observe him more.

Secondly... is about my brother, Mango, been felt so sorry for delaying the delivery of the package... everything has already inside the box and I also have added additional gift for the late package.. Hope he likes it =] Just bought a nice n cute wrapping paper today.. hopefully tomorrow mom is free to help me wrap it and be ready to send out on friday.

Third, I have received some gifts from Teedo the maltese during the time I was busy taking care of my baby boy, Hersley. I would like to say loads of thank you with hugs and kisses to him and his mom for the wonderful gifts they sent to me.. Will treasure it and be sure to keep it nice so I can have the toys for a long long long time!!

lastly... is about my room-mate of course!! *evil winks*
as I mentioned earlier.. she is bigger and older than me... I barely know her eventhough I stayed with her long before I moved in with my mom =]
Got your answer already??

Here you go... but I guess most of you will find her 1st way before u read my post... not fun!!! I'd tried to find a code to made a spoiler but it seems like no code for that or I can't found it?? but still... NOT FUN!!! *crawl under mom's bed*

Mom : childish kid has gone and she forgot to post up her room-mate picture.. I know she felt jealous that now I got 1 more kids needs to take care. But still.. if autumn's not behaving well I will purposely go and pet Empress (sister to Autumn's maltese mom) to let her know that if she did wrong I will go and pet Empress.. Cruel huh? but I guess this is a good way to behave herself as surprisingly she became more like a 'lady-like' dogs compare to before I got Empress -.-"

Let me post up and let you guys know who is Empress and the rest of the pictures shows that Autumn is throwing her tantrum by sitting FAR FAR away from me while I'm taking Empress's picture lol

Autumn : MOM!!!!! I never gave permission to post that pic!! OMG! I look so fugly with messy face and all!!
Mom : oopss! sorry girl.... you still looks great with uhm... that messy face? Well.. this is a great punishment for you to remind you not to play with rubbish yeah? *evil laugh*
Autumn : mom!! I need to maintain my pweetty face on the net.. T_T *suddenly remember something*

Ehhmm.... this is for today and it seems like a long post for my comeback eh?
enjoy your days!! *hugs and kisses*