Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jasmine 1st outing

Time passed so fast and day is passing by....
Without realizing that time is flying fast, I found out that its been 2 months long from the day Jasmine came and stay with us as part of our family. To celebrate that happy day, mom bring us back to Ruby Resort again last week together with Yuyu & Macho's Mommy and also Tiffany & pui-pui tag along together for the fun holiday ^_^

Thou I need to say firmly that I HATE WATER!!! but mommy said swimming is fun and what's worst is that, Jasmine agreed with mommy!!! T-T She's been having a blast playing with water and swimming along and get all the attentions just for herself!

Did you see THAT? I kept on walking along side the water and been calling her to came out from water but this is what she gave me -_-

well.... if you see the beautiful of the beach scenery, I do believe that I should not waste my time to run-away from the water and just accept my faith... so.. I finally get into the water for awhile just so that Jasmine will follow me back home without any complaints!

and it works!

while we finally get our paws back on the sand and walk back home, we found a surprise 'friend' or should I say a 'magnificent friend'?

It was a jelly-fish that been push to the shore by the big wave and both of us + mommy feel surprise to meet such a beautiful 'friend'!! Didi you see the 'glowing' color and feeling that it gave? At first we thought it was already dead but fortunately it still alive and a friends of mom push it back to the sea after it turn to 'brown' color which I guess that's call 'dying'.

Walking in the beach, playing with the water and then meet this fantastic friend has made our 1st day in the resort turn into a dark and tiring day after those hours we spent on the road *3-4 hours driving* but Jasmine seem to have so much fun and behave well for her 1st outing.

and oh, before we finally get to our room and comfy bed to sleep, we meet another 'furry-friends' which we interested with.

This should be an enough report 'bout out 1st day at the resort.
Will let you guys know bout the fun of the 2nd day of holiday on the next post.

By then, Jasmine say hello and thanks to all friends who keep on sending love to her and she said this is how she's going to repay you all, by living her life to the fullest and be happy always ^_^

Love from,
Autumn & Jasmine the maltese