Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mommy's post....

Dear friends, mommy here....
Sorry for not be able to blog-walking and update about anything. Things has turn dramatically since Jasmine's last post and now I'm afraid of what is gonna happen to autumn. Her skin problem/allergy doesn't seem to recover and medicine from our vet does not have any improvement at all. In fact, the problem has now start to spread around her other part of the body and shall I said became worst?

Last week she start to snort? as in, whenever she breathing, I can hear some sort of snort from her nose and she even get choke on 'invisible' thing? With no warning she can suddenly get choke and cough like want to vomit but nothing come out or no vomit at all. I thought it was just a temporary habit that will soon stop on it self, but I guess I'm wrong about that. Last night when I was feeding her, suddenly she get this 'dangerous' choking accident which cant stop for awhile and scared me to death. With no end to other possibilities, last night she was crying and whining the whole night which I suspect she might be in pain... Now while I'm typing this. she has turn into a dog who has no energy at all and just laying around or sitting around looking at me with her sad face. Seeing her like this, I decided to bring her to another vet which I hope they could help me solve the problem and also I plan to take her for a blood test. Since my 1st vet has no idea about the cause of the allergy and things has gone so much worst than before I decided to take the blood test to find out the answer for what I've been looking for. It's nearly a month now and I've been worried sick about her 'un-solved' problem.

I might not be able to post for awhile until I found out what is wrong with my baby and I will try to update about her condition as soon as I get any idea about what is happening now.
For the time being, I need your pray and support and hope that nothing serious is gonna happen to my baby.

Thank You,
From : Mommy

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When it's raining outside....

It's best to.........

Autumn doesnt know that I secretly took this picture while she asleep in the cold breeze of rain. She should know that I began to take over this blog so its a 'warning' from me to NOT simply do anything bad towards me ~~~

Best regards,
Jasmine the pretty maltese~~~

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vet visit + celebration

We (actually it's autumn & mom) went to visit vet yesterday. Before she took off, she took her camera and snap autumn which is look like this

But when they came back home few hours later, I was so SHOCK!!! My beautiful sister has turn into......

I wonder if people get what I mean? This picture is too 'bright' and autumn was smiling happily so I bet some people might get the wrong idea bout the 'shocking' news muahuhua but what I'm talking bout is this one here, the next picture

Can you feel it??? Can you feel how SHOCK I am to see my beautiful sister turn into...... a-chinese-crested-breed-look-alike @.@ While I'm looking at mom with confused eyes, mom told me that the allergy and rashes are way too much and itchy for autumn so she needs to get it shaved. It was hard for me to accept the reality but seeing 'happy' face that is finally appear on sissy's face I guess accepting it is not a bad idea right? Since autumn is now feel at ease and back to herself instead of being gloomy like the previous accident.

While I'm still wondering and confusing my self. Mom and her friend got an idea to do steamboat party to celebrate the shaved autumn! Yeah celebrate! Mom said, rather than being gloomy for the day, why don't we turn this day into one happy day? Being shaved is indeed one sad thing for both mommy and sissy (and me too!) but she said, we should think that with this condition, autumn back to her normal self and the hair doesn't really bug her anymore so, we should think of it as one happy thing right? :)

As soon as the talking done its job, we went for the grocery shopping and tada~~~

See we got our self chicken and beef~~~ *drools*
This feast is for 2 human and 7 furbabies =p
and not to forget I MUST INCLUDED in this post cause I'm in charge for blogging until autumn get better tee-hee

Jasmine the Queen and Autumn the servant =p

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grooming time!

Holla~~~ it's me Jasmine the pretty! am I right? tee-hee

Yesterday, is what we hate the most! (bathing time). I do want to look pretty but sometime I don't understand why should we get our shower when we'll just get our-self dirty again in no time?

It's been 2 weeks now and I guess autumn are showing some improvement thou her skin condition has yet to recover fully. I can see some white hair are now flying around in our room and this is not supposed to happen. Her skin has start to peel-off and *hopefully* it wont turn into one serious skin problem cause we're going to visit vet this week.



as you can see, she looks different now and some bald spot or the skin problem cant be seen in this picture cause the coat it blocking it.

Mom also gave me a hair-cut cause she said I look like a mini-sheep with short legs and long coat -.-""

also not to forgot picture of the day for both of us :)

I hope this week vet's visit would give some nice report regarding autumn condition, at least some comfy for mom who is now starting her battle for her last year in Uni.

Jasmine and my cute sissy, autumn