Friday, August 7, 2009

Cherating Trip Part 2

Continue to part 2 bout the trip~~
and I was thinking to introduce my friends who went for the trip as well =]

This is me of course!! =D

Charlie *left* and Faustina (my roomate)

Mikey the ferret.. my roomate as well ^0^

Diamond the Doberman who looks fierce but actually he such a sweet boy

Ruby the Welsh Corgi

Winter the maltese; she stayed with both Ruby and Diamond

Scottie the Schnauzer... He's more interesting looking at the ground rather than the camera

Rocky the long hair Dachshund

Eva *left* dan Zeus the maltese pup

Chloe the Golden Retriever who stayed together with Zeus n Eva'

Angel *left* dan Fortune *my mom*

Well.. these are some of the pictures which capture their self.. while still have some other friends who's not shown here... you will get to see them on our 2nd day of trip while we're swimming!!
But before that... On the 1st night, some of us decided to have a small parliament meeting as to discuss what to do for the next day =]

Notice the blue stuff that looks like a small bundle at our back? well.. we don't have any idea what is it about... but then we try to open it and found something interesting!! and so we decided to light it up to commemorate our 1st night and does it looks awesome to you guys?