Friday, January 13, 2012

Suggestions needed!

Hi guys! Sorry for not showing up much often these days :(
Mom is having her year end holiday and has been busy helping out her friend and of course she brought her laptop with her!!! I've been telling her to buy me one spare notebook for me to update my blog as usual. But she said kids like me shouldn't use computer by myself without her supervision -.-"

Don't you all think its UNFAIR??? I mean, I'm 3 years old now and I've know what's the do and don't inside the house. I know where I should go for potty and never missed the spot. Despite all that, she said I'm STILL A KID!!! I guess I will have to find a part time job for myself in order to buy my own notebook....

Lucky I am, I found a side job which I think its not a bad deal either! What I have to do is to think of any suggestions or advices for a magazine content. It was a pet magazine and I thought I could use some ideas from you all.

1. What do you looking for in a pet's magazine?

2. What attracts you the most when buying a magazine esp. pet's magazine?
3. Any specific content or topic that you want to see in the magazine?
4. Advices and suggestion will be accepted because I need lots of idea on specific column or content which readers prefer to see.

Thank you in advance for the suggestions. Will drop by to your page to catch up as soon as I can! =)