Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Support Mommy!

First of all, thank you for all comments and prayer given for my previous post. I agree with some of you that its not good to always feel depressed and yes, I can't stop these thing to happen but I CAN show my supports and helping those in needs especially in educating people about treating us as 'family' instead of animals with four-legs :)

Thanks for all supports, kisses and huggies that you have given to me. Currently I feel so blessed to have such a friend who understand how important it is for human to know that we too, have feelings and deserve to be love as they did to each other.

With that, Mommy has 'secretly' arrange a special party to celebrate my coming barkday! It supposed to be a 'secret party' but I'm smart enough to sniff it out this soon! Since Mom never celebrate my barkday with party or what-so-ever, I never expect anything to happen this year too! However, I did realize that Mom has been acting pretty weird by taking out my old dresses and asked me to try it on. Then she took her measurement tape and start to measure my body which then I found out that Mom asked 'someone' to hand-made a special dress for me!! Hear it? Hand-made dress with special design and special party just for ME!!

Oh gosh! I can't wait to see my new dress and of course my 1st official bark-day cake *roll-eyes*
Please don't tell her that she's busted! Otherwise she will think all her hard work to prepare this special day has gone to waste. Now I gotta prepare to act like I've known nothing about this and I'll need to practice for my reaction too!

Before I go, Mom has setup new website for her passion and love towards 'family' like us and she thought of sharing it to educate people as well as to let people know more about the important of having us as family instead of pets. Please show support on her new website, it still new and she'll need more time to improve the site and so on. The new site will also serve as a place where she could go ramblings around on anything *even me and Jazzi*. I appreciate it much if any of you could let me know if Mom were to talk bad about us!

Feel free to drop by to ❤Maltese❤

Hugs and kisses from me Autumn and my sis Jasmine!