Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on Jasmine

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for all the support and kind words that you gave to both me and Jasmine. I'm glad to know that Autumn have such a kind friends and I hope Jasmine too can learn to understand that human are not a dangerous 'creature'. Things has changed so much from the day I bring Jasmine back home with me. I have yet settle the problem with my mom as sometimes we still argue over the phone about how to deal with Jasmine but I can assure you all that I'm gonna give my all and my best to protect Jasmine and to ensure her that this is her home now. So, please bless me that my mom will accept her and let me keep her =]

I know some of you have been waiting for me to update about this girl. So far she's been living her life to fullest and I can say she has started to show her 'true self' which is so cute and also cheeky attitude! Before this, she will try to run or hide away when I want to pet or touch her. This made me sad because it seems that she has not yet fully believe in me but now all the hard work has paid of as she is now starting to approach me just to pet her. I'm so happy to know that she began to trust me and she can now wag her tails when she's happy. Well, at least the part she know how to wags her tail made me happy the most because that's one thing she should know how to do.

Overall she's 70% toilet trained thou sometimes she still miss the spot and simply pee anywhere but thank god! she did not pee on my school notes that day! Regarding the earmites, I have not been to the vet yet as I was having my final until end of next week thou I hope I have time to bring her back to the vet this weekend to check if the earmites is still there or not.

So far she's been doing good and no problem at all =] plus her fur has started to grow now and I can see some improvement in her. I hope she will do great from now on.

Here are some her recent pic that I took yesterday after I gave her one nice bath

Once I'm free from my final, I'll make sure to post more pictures of both Autumn & Jasmine =]

ps : It's past 12am here so HAPPY BARKDAY TO MY BABY JASMINE~!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mom's entry

Hello everyone!
Today I'm gonna made this entry under my name =]

Just a quick and a little detailed about Jasmine, my 2nd maltese which I adopted last 2 weeks.
Jasmine is a maltese who's been living most of her life locked up in the cage and used as a breeding dogs. I want to believe that the previous owner is a 'breeder' but unfortunately I prefer to call 'them' as the runner of puppy mills rather than a breeder. There are few reason why I refused to called them as a breeder.

Firstly, if you guys remember Mikey, a maltese which owned by my friend, this Jasmine is Mikey's mom sister, which made her as Mikey's auntie. Her previous owner has been known as breeder to some people as they bred maltese, schnauzer, poodle and pekingnese. Before this, I too believed they're a good breeder as what they claimed on their website and so on. But after the incident when I adopted Jasmine, I practically stop believing they're a good breeder or I would rather called them as one of the runner of puppy mills.

It's all started when I saw they post on petfinder about selling their adult maltese, YES, they're selling the adult instead of adopting them with fees. These 2 are in fact, a different story right? To cut the story short, I called them up regarding the adult and asked if the pictures posted there was the exact dog, and she said yes but now both are having short fur. Since I'm practically in the midst of finding companion for my girl, I thought why not I go and view the dog? and so I reached her place and there I saw Jasmine (I rename her), the only one left as other has been sold off.

I want to believe that fate has bring us both, because when I met Jasmine for the first time, it's actually struck my mind and I just want to have her. Because of that, I actually agreed to take her and pay half of the sum as I can only pick her up on the weekend. Yes, some might call this as an impulse buying, but believe me when you saw her, she doesn't look as cute as puppy or other dogs, but despite anything else, her eyes captured me in an instant and from there, my biggest mistake was made. I see her for the first time and I paid half of the sum WITHOUT deliberately checking on her other than I know she just got her yearly injection.

The second time I went to pick her up, I had actually planned out some scenes that I thought will actually happen and bring Jasmine back home without any problem. Unfortunately, things doesn't go as my plan because I have some argument and was arguing with the owner. One reason, medical health. I asked the owner if she would allow me to bring Jasmine to the nearly vet for a small check up just to make sure she's healthy and save before I bring her home. I mean, its a standard procedure, if you're adopting any dogs or puppy before you bring it back home right? plus with a dog waiting me at home, I'm so concern that any dog that I adopted I wish it has no illness or disease that will spread to my current dog. This is my actual intention but the owner can't accept it as told me that, her dog is healthy and she prevent me to bring Jasmine to the vet because there are many virus there. If I were adopting a puppy from her, maybe I'd agree with her on some way, but Jasmine is an adult and she told me that she just have her yearly injection. So, how could she get a virus so easily by visiting a vet for a small check up?

Because of this we quarrel and quarrel and she said, if she knows I would be like this, she will refuse handle the dog to me and sell her to another person who called up earlier. Because of her words, I actually wanted to tell her to refund me the money and I better buy a puppy instead of her dog. I mean, she was practically 'selling' Jasmine rather than saying she want the dog to have a better life! What she had told me on the first day is actually a lie; ; normally let them *her dogs* roam around in the house is actually all her dogs was locked up inside the cage; and the dog even try to run away when she want to touch her. Anyway, in the end I'm lazy and tired to argue with her anymore so I just gave her the balance and took Jasmine to the vet. Want to know what I found on the vet?

1. She got ear fungus * I surprised that vet told me she got no earmites*
2. She needs a serious dental care because her teeth is way to 'clean'
3. There's some skin allergic because her skin is too red
4. Need a nail cut as the nails is way too long and she can't even walk properly
5. Both hind legs very loose, no surgery needed for the time being but if she feel pain in the future I have to bring her to do the surgery

and so her first day with me and autumn began with excitement and curiousity until today when I visited my 2nd trusted vet. I brought Jasmine to to scaling for her teeth and found out that some teeth are in dangerous state; gonna fall soon and also she GOT EARMITES! To be exact, I asked the vet to help me check the ears because I cant seem to clean it no matter how often I clean the ears! and so the answer came.... there's LOTS of earmites egg deep inside her ears and what made me heartbroken is, autumn is actually on the medication as well, because both are staying together. One last reason, Jasmine is debark and I believed ALL her dogs actually been debark because when I was at the house, some dogs are barking and they all has been debark.

These are all the reason why I refused to call the owner as 'breeder' but puppy mills. Because a good breeder would NOT selling their adult dog but adopting it with some fees which is more acceptable. I believed they will also allow us to bring for a check up or at least met at the nearest vet to ensure the dog is healthy if they really want the dogs to have a good life in the hand of the new owner. Not as what I've experienced with Jasmine right now, I'm actually spent more on her which I could just get a cute and healthy puppy for all the money I spent for the medication and stuff. I'm merely a student who's no longer do any part time to support my own allowance because I need to focus on my study. Honestly, I'm really struggling with the cost of taking care Jamine in just a few weeks already cost me a bomb and I still have to save some to do blood test and to spayed her to prevent any illness in the future since she was used a a breeding dog. It's not that I regret adopting jasmine, but its the cost that I just cant bare to handle it.

What I'm stressing on my post here is, despite the fact that I need to put more effort and expenses for Jasmine, I still love her as my kid from the day I determine to bring her home with me. Once she step into my house, I wish she will stay with me until they day we need to part away naturally because this is her home and I'm her family now. Since there are lots of things I need to do for her, I hope everyone can help me by sending LOTS of LOVE for my baby Jasmine. She needs love from everyone to cover all the years she's been locked up inside the cage and god-knows-what-life-she-has-had-before-this.

Thank You for reading my post and please love my two kids, autumn and jasmine.

Love and care by autumn & jasmine's mom

p/s : I appreciate the love that I received for both Autumn & Jasmine. There are many ways to show your love and support for my two babies so please, don't think about 'money'. The thought of wanting to show some love towards Jasmine is a greatest gift for me and her. So please don't let the thoughts of sending money to help cover the expenses run over your mind =]