Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doggy Style Magazine issue 06

Sorry for forgetting to update my blog. As I've mentioned on my last post, I've been helping mom (and myself) for the past month and finally issue 06 are out! (actually they've out since early of this month xD) This is the issue where mom and us worked together and my first official job. Thus I wanna share the joy with my dearest friends.

Thank you for your support and suggestion from reader's point of view. I'm so sorry if I've began to lose out from blogger. Since mom has open her own blogger/site sometime we switch over there and thus a lil forgotten to update here. I'll still continue to blog but of course won't be as often as last time.

Mom's new site is Memoirs. You can either click follow the blog and/or comment below that you would like to be followed. I know some of my blog-lists are either stop blogging or in vacuum, so by commenting below, it's easier for me to know who's still active and I'll ask mom to add you on the site so we could often drop by to your blog as usual.

Thank you so much for all the help and sorry for the hassle. I miss you guys so much so I'm gonna drop by to yours after this :)