Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Desa Park City & La' Castle Cafe

Hello everyone!!!
A little update about my latest outing with my 'families' and a dinner at pet friendly place *grin*

First, mom tried to organize this event with a purpose to gather all the puppies buyer and to let me say hi to my sisters, brothers n family. Unfortunately my 'real' siblings can't make it due to the new owner never contact us anymore after they took my brother and another one is because safety reason, they doesn't want to bring him out to a place which is far from his house so... its really unfortunate that I can't meet my my brothers. Nevertheless, this outing is really awesome and I had a great time mingle around my friends after being isolated for months!

My daddy, Gizmo
My half brother, same dad diff mom, Dodo
I forgot who's running on the left, but if not mistaken the right one is Lala, my younger sister (same parents)

I was late so I don't have any pictures to show here =p
after took a walk and some gossiping we then proceed to La' Castle Cafe to settle down as rain start to pouring down.

They even have pet corner for us to mingle around while our mommy and daddies gossiping with each other

the poodle belongs to the cafe's owner and the one standing on the right is Archie if you guys remember him thus in the middle is Spring

Spring is on the left side

That's Gloria, Spring mommy and I was in the back peeping at mommy! and I'm wearing a panties as you saw it..

This girl if not mistaken called Chloe, owned by the cafe's owner

This is Mikey

Chico the toy poodle, dodo's older sister

Ice (poodle) & Chanel (maltese)


My daddy, Gizmo

My half brothers, Dodo (left) and Gabriel (right)

Ice the poodle

Pui-pui the smallest maltese, she came with me that day

Rocky the fat dachshund

Dodo's weird sleeping style

Summer the maltese

and we encounter a nice Siberian Husky before we proceed back to our home

Sorry no my own close-up pic this time... mom too busy picking up and cleaning some "cake" from the pen so she was the busiest ever I guess.. But if you guys notice, this is the first time we, 4 season (Winter, Summer, Autumn & Spring) sister has ever had! Too bad we forgot to take a group pic thou. But I did have a great fun that day and hoping to go there again in the future.

All pictures was took by Gizmo, Lala & Gloria mommy. Thank You soooo much for the fine photography! Mom need to hunt for a new camera before she made me into her model again =p and before I forgot, Dodo and Chico mummy also has a blog here and lastly for those who stay in Kuala Lumpur and wish to go to the cafe here's the detail :

Founder: Queenie Chong
La' Castle Cafe Location: 13-A, Jalan Desa 2/8, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 K.L
Contact: 03 6277 6127, 012 2781181, 0176699428

until the next time we meet!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chihuahua named "Ci tzu"

Hello everyone~~
how's your April's Fool day? anyone get fooled or who fool around? tee-hee

Okay.. let's get back to business... as my title says, today I'm gonna talk bout about a Female Chihuahua name "Ci Tzu"

Today mom bought me again to her friend place to do some discussion and early in the morning a friend of her ask her to bring me together as she will bring her friend's chihuahua to meet us. I was so exited when mom told us that I got a chance to go out and meet new friend! I can't wait to meet the friend and keep on pulling the leash which in the end mom give up to leash me and just carry me around =p

Okay.. cut the story short.. when mom's friend finally reach the house, she bring along a cute lil chihuahua with her! Mom first impression of her is that, she thinks its a cute lil puppy! Because she was so SMALL and it looks like a puppy to her. But then.... we found out that it might be over a year or so. Well, I don't care about that as I just can't wait to sniff her! So I went to her and offer my introduction but she's so playful so I thought she wanna play with me. So I play along with her but... I realize that she's trying to snap at me whenever I went near to her! In the end, mom stop me from playing around her and ask about her behavior. Then the story goes on......

Ci Tzu bought by her owner but it seems like the owner neglected her alone because she was busy with her work/school. A's friend feel so pity about the dog and trying to persuade the owner to let her go to a good owner who can take care of her. But A refused saying that she likes the dog. She admit that she likes to buy things but don't have any intention to take care of it. So both of them came with a conclusion that for the moment, B will take care of the Ci Tzu until A finish her school. Because A doesn't want to sell Ci Tzu to someone else, she chose this way. She said she will let B to took care of Ci Tzu until she finish and she will bring Ci Tzu back with her to her hometown. So Ci Tzu life start with a new home since last month...

To tell you guys the truth, I felt Ci Tzu's life is so pity. Mom said, she fell down when she was a pup so one of her hind legs is a little bend as she walks. She's not sure if the owner bring Ci Tzu to the vet or not as the care taker now has no idea at all about the health, conditions and even her age. Another problem is, Ci Tzu doesn't like to eat dog food. She was spoilt by her owner as she ate human's food! So now its really hard to teach her to eat dog food. Plus her care taker doesn't seem to know about us, and guess what? She was feed with "Dutch Lady Full Cream" Milk!!! Mom was so shocked until speechless when she heard bout it and she totally clueless as what she has to say to the friend....

Not only that, Ci Tzu never saw any dog or should say she never get a chance to socialize with other friends like us. So when she saw me for the first time, she's trying to snap at me and mom got bitten once while she was trying to calm her down.

Here's some pic of her taken by mom

As you can see from the last pic, her hind legs seems to be in a funny way... and mom estimated her to be around 2 to 3 years? Because Ci Tzu's nose color is fading so fast and mom remembered that a friend of her says that her friend [3rd party] is buying a chihuahua before she got me.

Conclusion: Ci Tzu has eating issue, she prefer human's food over dog food. She has dental issues and hind legs? She also needs to have more outing to meet more friend to get rid of her social issue and.... she never barks at all but keeps on crying.

For this reason, although mom is a student not a working person, she offered her help to take Ci Tzu in her care for awhile. Though she needs to be back with her owner in the future, mom said, with her current living style, she just can't bare to see the small kid is suffering alone. She has not yet get the answer but she will wait to see if she's allow to take care of her for the moment.

In the end, mom says that she will postpone her plan to find me a playmate. She will try to see around for the same abused animal in which she could offer her help to take care of them until they're ready to run along the road with their own confidence.

ps: mom asked if anyone could advise her on what to do with the pity Ci Tzu? she's trying to find a solution on how to train such an abused dog because she don't have any information on what could let her to be so timid and never bark but cries instead.

Thank you for the advices and I love you guyssss