Monday, November 9, 2009

New layout for the year!

tee-hee *grins*

Yesterday, 8th November, is mommy's bdae... she was so in a GOOD mood and present me with this cute layout. I was surprise at first, because she was suppose to study for her coming exam but today.. surprisingly she was having a good mood~~

She said "It's time to hunt!" and then within times, she had changed and show me this awesome layout =D
For those who don't know, mommy like multimedia so much but unfortunately she had to take business course to fulfills grandpa and grandma wish.. so she kinda struggles in times [I do know how hard she fight with the course]. She told me, since she can't afford to pursue her interest, what she can do it learn by herself and experience it. So, this is why I often lend my blog to be her 'experiment' as I know how much she like these stuff.

Before I forgot, I did promised to give you guys see my new looks right?

Here you go...

It doesn't look much different on the pic but it did became shorter. Mom says I looks more pretty with this hair cut but I can't seem to agree with that thou....
What do you guys think huh? more picture on the next post and will try to get a closer pic =]

Lastly, I know it's already passed but, Happy Birthday mom!! Thanks for everything and love you lotss!! *chuu*