Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is our live on danger now?

Dear paw-friends who love to stop by and read this blog... I'm sure some of you who stopped by often will know that it's been nearly 2 months no updates from my after my previous post.

The reason on no update is simple : many things had happen in these 2 months and it does not make me happy. Too many sad news to hear and too many cruel reality that I have to accept while living as 'me'.

On this blog, I'd share my sad news on how my brother, Jordan and recently my friend, Faustina has to continue their journey on the other world. Today, there are more sad news that I brought over to share and I should say its the reason why I 'delayed' my post over and over again.. I thought by 'stop' sharing this sad news for a while could make me stand up again and be cheerful BUT instead of back to cheerfulness and happiness that I used to, I fell more deep into the world of 'depressed' and was practically thinking, is there any SAVE PLACE for us to LIVE in this country/world?

Today post shall be dedicated to all moms and dads that has poured unconditional love to the kind of animals like us who some people think that we're nothing except a creature called 'dogs'.

After my previous post about Faustina, another sad news pierce my heart as I received news about Seraph, cute lil maltese that I wanted to adopt as my lil sister. We've met only twice and most importantly Seraph is just a lil baby who have yet to start her own journey and life!! She passed on the age of 10 months old and left mystery to the family as she shows nothing unusual before her departed day....

I'll surely miss u my little sister...

YET not long after I received Seraph's news, another news came to me... this time is the news about YuYu passed on... She's one of the 'great' maltese role for all her grand-kids and her will to live is so strong even when vet advice her mom that she might not survive on one of her few battles.

YuYu was a maltese which used for breeding until the age of 8 years old which then adopted by her current family. Not only once or twice but she went into fights with one of her daughter until 1 day when the fight had resulted her to lost her jaws and with blood all over her. Even when her vet said it was impossible to help her, YuYu shows him that she is strong and within time she's back on her feet again and smile to us. However, her life ended unexpectedly on the age of 11 years and 8 months old.

The maltese on the picture is one of her great grandson, Macho.

and today... another news was sent to me which broke my heart more than anyone... its the news of my grandma, Tiffany has died due to car hit and run accident. This news is hard for me and my sis Jasmine to accept because Tiffie was our 'family'. She was my grandma and she was a sister to Jasmine (same mother but different father). I've only met her few times but Jasmine has only met her once when we went to some beach resort to spent our holiday. Out of all news that I received within 2 months, the dead of Tiffie is really one harsh reality that I need to accept.

All this while, news about passing on, dead, injured etc etc that I shared here is mostly within my connection but in actual life, there are many cruel reality that is happened in our country which some of you may or may not heard before. For example, a person who had a shop and openly sell dog meat, psycho person who chop off the dog's head and throw the countless body-without-head to the dumpster and more famous act is dog-napped case.

Yes, not only accident but dog-napped case. This is happened just few days ago and my breeders 2 siberian huskie was dog-napped in the middle of the night and not yet been found. Not only them, there's even a case of people stole someone car with their dog inside and throw the dog out in the middle of the road. Car has been found but no news about the dog.

These dog-nappers when they succeed in dog-napped the dogs, they will bring it to sell on the black market and this is makes it hard for the owner to track down. This is an example of people who treat us like a 'money-funding-machine'. They FORGOT the fact that we too, has a heart that could be hurt badly but they'll never know that we are also a loyal friend who will never leave our family until the day we part away....

I've been thinking for awhile and this questions came into mind. Is there any SAFE place for us to live? or Is there any place where we could live happily without being scared to be separated from our family or feelings an anxious when one of our friends disappear? and most importantly, even if we behave nicely outside, people still look at us with weird glance and always thought that we are 'dirty'. Yes, dirty... because one of my usual pet friendly place has been put into trouble by the authority because they ALLOWED us to visits the restaurant together with our moms and dads.

Tell me, if we can't even step our paws on any places outside our house, is that means our lives could only be isolated in the house? If that is, I believe our live would be as bored as sleeping and eating with nothing much to do other than these.

In the mean time, for those who stayed in Malaysia please help me to watch out for 2 sibes who is dearly missed by the family :)

Best regards from,
Autumn, Jasmine and also Mommy.