Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jasmine turn 6 today!!

Today is Jasmine's special day as she turn 6 TODAY~~!!

She still as spoilt and naughty as before but she's getting way better in adapting herself to our life in this 1 year. I'm glad I made a good decision to take her back with me as she's too are now part of our family ^^

Wish her to be more healthy and can live a long happy life with us!

Happy Barkday girl
*sorry for the messy bdae girl =p*

and uhm...
We've just joined Saturday Pet Blog Hop hosted by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.

It's a fun to hop to one another and a good way to made new friends :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Faustina in Memory...

I've prepared to come and bring good news but instead I bring another BAD news...
Remember Faustina? She was with me when we're visiting Ruby Resort 2 years ago. Reading this and this might help to refresh the memory :)

Her story began when her mommy tells us that she was admitted to hospital early of March and then later on vet informed her and Fausti has been diagnosed to have a liver damage. From then on, her suffering began to add up each and every day...

First news that we heard, on early March:

"Dr suspect she got acute canine pancreatic..liver enzymes result was far beyond bad..might be she had eaten something also,but i cant think of any pesticide i use that she can i don't use pesticides...also a bit anemic suspected to have tick fever,but cant confirm..what i have to do now is to watch her diet,supplement her liver and hope it will heal in half to 1 yr time.."

Her conditions after the first incident:

11 April

yest she was fine....recovering and i was happy she can jump around n on to the couch...but this morning keep vomiting and dun even have strength to she is on iv drip....admitted again...worried"

"she is still on IV she is too weak and cant effort to even digest her food..."

13 April

"Visited Fausti, doesn't show fact, gotten worse..seems like she'll be on drop for at least a week...worried.."

"this time, it affects the stomach...and the nerves..."

17 April

"very very worried bout Faustina's condition....her drip came off and both hands have been cannula-ted...she needs the drip badly.she is force fed now..really hope she can b well soon n come back home.."

6 May

"Faustina needs medical support will be a long term thingy....suspected she is partially blind and brain we are financially tight with bb coming very soon..she already used up partial of baby's portion..worried....haiz"


"still struggling,but more stable now.....some of her neuron is damaged and she cant fully control herself...she is very dependent on medication for liver and neuron now....those medicine have to be taken long term...once stop,come again...last week,she cant even stand on her feet....very very thin as she dun wan to eat,we got to force feed her every meal...she cant take normal food or even kibbles which is too oily....if u c her,u will feel so pity....really like those dogs that has been neglected and only can c fact,you can count how many bones she have...we spent a lot on her and did whatever we can to save,is up to her to go say her condition is very complicated and rare..."

14 May

"Faustina is down again...reli duno wat to do...was fine yest..sigh"

the vet says she is down with episode epilepsy...sigh"

Yesterday, 31st May

"Faustina's condition is nt improving,bt it has gotten seems like her second eye showing sign of blindness...haiz"

vet say her condition is very link to another very quickly...she is helping me to do research n update me every now and then...still,nothing much we can do.."

Today, exactly 4 hours ago I received a shocking news... Fausti is gone. She had left us and began her journey on the other world....

I can't believe she has left us and I don't even have a chance to see at for the last time... I miss her so much and I keep on praying for her to get well soon but it seems that GOD has a better idea for her. At least she won't have to suffer more than she should. She's been fighting for the last 3 months and she finally reach her limit. The fact that she's only 3 really made my heart pains so much because she still have many many things to explore and experience before she go.... She has yet to witness the soon-to-be-born baby boy...

This is our 2nd lost after the lost of our baby Jordan last year... Fausti lost really made us speechless as she was the prettiest and princess-look-alike maltese that we've ever so! Knowing that another maltese had left us, it's really made me sad to knowing the truth.

I hope Fausti is happy and will always bless her family and soon-to-born- baby boy...

Some image of Fausti from her mommy...

Autumn, Jasmine and Mommy :)