Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maltese Gathering @ FLUFF, 21 march '09

Yes it's maltese gathering!! And it's for a week now but the picture's of gath just out few days after our gathering day. Plan to share it here as soon as I got the picture but... mom back to her world again -.-" Busy working and busy preparing her assignment. If I don't remind her to stop she won't let me touch her computer at all sigh... I wonder why people like mom need to study and work hard? They just like us.. free to do what we want to do no need to worry anything.. I once ask mom before and she said if she din work hard she can't give the best for me and if she din study hard she wont be able to pursue her dream. Her dream is my dream too! I realize that everything that she did is because of me. So pals, remember to say thanks and love to ur mom cuz I'm sure all of them is trying to give the best to u all. Love u mom

Now... let's shower u all with all piccies taken that day!

This is Tiffany, she is about 4 years plus

forgot what's this fella name =p

This is Mikey, gonna be 1 year old this 1st of April!

This is Charlie

and this is Happy

This is mulan and she's also 4 years old plus

This is Fautina, Charlie's sister.. not same parents hehe

This is Shiro

and this is me........ mom just bring me for grooming and make me pretty but I.. uhm.. =D sorry guys.. I'm really sorry.. should behave myself but I can't resist to play with others! and mom scold me and put me on the counter.. T_T

but here u can spot me! sitting nicely on the chair and I'm still look pweettty~ =p
and these 2 fella is mickey and brain both stay together

our black pom called Missy, who's for sale =]

Our shop angel called April. She's a long coat chihuahua with heart problem and used for breeding purpose before we got her T_T and if u guys looks carefully her black spot near the tail is actually a heart shape =] will take more picture of April when me n my mom go for work

Tiffany with our boss

Coco, our mini size pekingnese

lastly... not to forget our group picture!!!
From left to right :
Happy with owner, Mulan with owner, Tiffany with boss/owner, April with our boss lady, charlie with owner, Fautina with owner, Mikey with owner, me n of course my mom! *but I'm too busy checking who's stand next to me rather see through the camera =p*, mickey with owner, shiro with owner, Brain *mickey's bro* with our staff and lastly next to sofa is another shiro with owner

All picture credit on tag ^^

Monday, March 23, 2009

Friendship Rose Award

Snowy & Crystal is my maltese paws from Dubai. They're such a lovely maltese and good friends too!! They gave me this "Friendship Rose Award" and I love it so much!

Receiving such a nice gift, me and mom discussing that maybe we should send out some gifts n awards to my friends in other to celebrate our friendship. We both agree that we need to do something for my friends too! So paws... stay tuned! I might give something to you guys once I found out what is the nicest gift for u all...

Thanks for being my friends! and especially to Snowy & Crystal, thanks a lot for the award dear =]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Morning walk @ BU park

Early morning mom wakes me up and say that we need to go out. I was wondering where are we going to as it's so weird that mom can woke up so early =p I dun have time to ask as she already groom and tie my hair and just in a second I look prettier but forgot to ask mom take a picture thou...

A while after that phone calls come to mom's phone and I know its time for us to go!! I'm so exited to see where are we goin to this early morning. I can't sit quietly as I'm so exited to go out so I wait wait n wait but we still inside the car! Really made me crazy that we still havent reach the place yet! I wait n wait and this time we finally reach the location. Mom took me out of the car and I saw a park! HUGE park and lots of doggie around there *drools* Mommy bring me to the park!! YAY!!

This is my 1st time took a walk in the park. Mom said this is dog-friendly park so there are lots of owner bring their dog came here to take a walk.. I'm so happy and start my exploring~~
Here are some piccies mom took this morning and I have lots of fun! I met shihtzu n some poddles too =]

mom said I'm too happy to sniff around

This is mulan

meet this uncle with 2 poddles and Rocky [dark-choco] keep on following me

this is mulan n me

poddle's owner gang up and mom suddenly say wan to have poddle...

lastly.. meet these 2 shihtzu...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New skin look fresh?

Finally I found a great skin to change! 8D
Been searching until now and finally found this skin which gave me a fresh feeling... what do u think bout it?

ohh... I got something to share... about my mom stupidity -.-"
She bought me new clothes but I can't wear it cuz botf of it TOO BIG for me to wear *grumble*
Mom always told me not to grow so big later became fatter n bla bla bla.. but herself bought BIG size cloth for me... Don't u think she's kinda stupid or forgetful?? sigh.. I kept on wondering how am I gonna live with her if she still behave like this..

Mom : STOP calling me stupid! I'm ur mom so at least respect me!! *pout*
Me : u r indeed my mom.. but I cant believe how can u be this stupid!
Mom : Stop it! or I wont bring u out again! hmph!
Me : I love you mom~~~ *kiss* lol

I've been MIA for so long... so I guess some of u miss my grown up pic eh? I turn to 5 months old early of this month and mom kept on say that I look taller + prettier + of course nottier!! But I bet all of u sure agree with me... 5 months old mean its time to explore and be adventurous rite?

Here are some pictures of my new cloths bought by my stupid pretty mother 8D

since I cant wear it mom decided to seal it up until I big enuf to wear!

This is my revenge! I was so happy to have new cloths but...

These are some random pics that mom took just now... she told me to pose nice nice but... I have another plan =p

and finally she decided to give me treats to bribe me *evil laugh*

I want treats!

okay! I pose I pose!
Mom : would u please smile abit? -.-"

Me : Like this?
Mom : Good girl =]

Me : Now... where's my treat?
Mom : Need to strecth ur tongue till that long just for a treat?
Me : I'm hungry...
Mom : I just fed you! @.@

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to world of blog!


I'm back here again!!! anyone miss me? *grins*
It's been 2 months since my last post and now I'm back here again ^^
I met my mom on the last week of feb and I miss her SO MUCH!! but I kinda punished her on that day by ignoring her for the payment of leaving me alone here hmpf!

Sorry for not posting as soon as I get back home. Because mommy so busy cleaning and settle down her college stuff, I was thinking to accompany her as she looks tired for the 1st week she took me back home with her... she looks exhausted and I felt sorry for her T-T and also we've been busy helping Angel the maltese that I mentioned before.. she went for another dog show tomorrow.. hopefully she can finish her title cuz this might be her last show as she's getting older and hope that she can get her last CC which will title her as the Champion this time... Pals, help me pray her k?

as I'm updating my blog now... mommy was taking care a mommy maltese with 2 pups now.... its own by Angel's owner too. Mom helped to babysit them until monday... I'm so happy to have a roomate now.. but mommy said I cant play with the pups cuz they're still too small.. sobsob..

as a present for those who miss me, I present my recent picture.. =P

P/s : since christmas and new year is over.. I plan to change my blog template... but have no idea what should I use now.. any idea? as mommy seems a lil busy for now...