Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sorry my friend....

I'm not sure if I introduce my best friend before, If I never did then I might intro 'her' to you all now =]
Some of you might remember a post I made for my bro, Mango, about pressie that I received from him. Inside his precious pressie, I've finally found my best friend, Lobsters..

I like lobster because she listen to me and always be there whenever I need her. Due to mom hectic schedule last year, Lobster became my only friend who I can rely on to made me happy whenever mom out to school. Not only wait patiently with me, she also let me throw my anger to her whenever mom made me angry. All the while she used to be so pretty and nice but.... due to my stay with Archie n his brother, Mikey, she became their 'toys' T-T

I can't help her much because both of them always fight to see who can have Lobster as their toys.. I've been trying to help her but, I can't win againts those 2 brothers.. In the end, my sweet lobster became like this..

No matter what happen to her, she will still be my best friend and I will never throw her away =]

speaking of the culprit, now is Archie and Mikey's turn to stay with me for few days as their mom n dad busy preparing for their wedding. Will post up some pictures in few days time =D

These are pictures that mom snap while waiting Archie & Mikey to come ^-^

end note : Congratulation for Archie n Mikey's mom & dad for their wedding this morning. Wish them to be happy and may their love will stay forever.