Friday, July 31, 2009

Cherating Trip Part 1

This slot is reserved to brag about Mango's pressie that I received last month.. But I'm very sorry that all the pics which I had took was in grandma's camera T-T and my stupidly human's mom actually FORGOT to copy all the pictures before grandma went back... so Mango.. Wait awhile k? I'd ask my uncle to send it through my email.. so gotta wait till all pictures sent then I will seriously this time talked about your lovely pressie *hugs&kisses*

Now.. since I can't talk bout Mango's pressie.. I'm gonna talk bout the Cherating Trip that me and mom went for last week. The place that we went is called Ruby Resort, a place which is near a beach and turtle sanctuary and also they allow ME and my friends to come and having fun!!!

Other than me, there are lots of friends came together for this trip and me and my mom was having so much fun!!! We allowed to swim in the beach... witness they release turtle to the beach and some even witness a turtle that drop by to lay an eggs!! Can't you imagine how fun that is?

Well... here are some pictures I wan to share... started from our 1st day trip till we say goodbye with the resort ^0^
And oh... not to forget... this trip was arranged by Scottie's Mom and both me and Scottie had a great day!!

First... this is what happened once we reach our room... we try to smell and sniff each other since we're gonna stay together in this room till the end of the trip..
FYI, those who stayed in our room were 7 dogs included me and it was total of 4 maltese, 1 poodle, 1 maltepoo and 1 super mini yorkshire terrier*

While we're busy get to know each other... Scottie's mom came and bring us some surprise!!
a homemade cup cakes just for us!!! nyum nyum

As you guys know... we're hungry kids.. I'm apologize to Scottie's mom for our attitude and non-stop begging -.-'

Tea time~~

Since we finished our tea time.. now it's Mikey the ferret turn to have his snack

We just can't stand to smell ferret vite that Mikey loves so much
*Me, Mikey n Faustina*

Well... this is it... This is what we did on our 1st day on Ruby Resort =D
We can't go anyway that night because well... we reach there quiet late and it's kinda dinner time.. so on 1st day can only see our begging and eating pictures weeee

Wait for the part 2 as in our 2nd day of the trip!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcoming awards?

How's your day~~~
I'm sorry for not updating my blog for over 2 months?
I can't help it thou... the reason why I've gone too long were simple because :
1. For the month of June, something wrong with our modem so I can't online for few weeks, and followed by,
2. Mom's exam time for 2 weeks.. so I let her use computer and company her silently next by her side,
3. last reason, my grandma *my hooman's mom's mom) came to visits us, so we have our hands full and I have no time to update my blog.

Just sent grandma back this morning and so I came back to update my blog on about what we're doing while I'm gone these months =D

but first, I wanna brag about my new awards? or should I say welcoming awards?
If you look at my blog... anything new that catch your eyes? well.. uhhmmm if someone doesn't get it.. can try to see 'awards' section under my chat blog.. Can you see a bright golden award there? haha

When I logged in to my blog just now, I kinda surprise to know that I've been hand selected and awarded with this lovely awards *smile*
Thanks for giving me such an honor to have been selected as this blog is to let people know what I'm thinking and doing thou ^o^

okay.. cut the crap out... my next post will be about lots of pressie that I received from my big bro, Mango with love and I like it so much till I can't stop running happily!!
First, I wanna say sorry for leaving too long and thank you so much for the pressie and I love you bro

pictures for today =]