Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy CNY 2009!!!

Guys I'm back!! *waves*
Just want to wish u guys a happy chinese new year for tomorrow... hope I can get some angpao also hehe.. *grins*

also wan to tell u guys that I just finished my 3rd and last jab last 19 january which means now I can freely go out and play plus meet other friends as well.. *happy*

Here I go for now.... I miss mommy and she did miss me too!!! she did tried to open 3G to see me though hehe

Love ya all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm gonna miss u mom....

I'm back paws!! sorry for dissapear about 1 week... hehe as usual.. been busy working with my mom and we always reach home around 2-3am in the morning.. sometimes we even can went to eat breakfast before went back to home =p I enjoyed so much in the pet shop where mommy's work... cuz I got to meet many new friends and also 'challenger' I wont bark as long as they wont bark at me.. but mommy always scold me whenever I bark at the other dogs dog.. She said I'm to small to challenge them but they challenge me first!! T_T anyway... I've got a sad news to announce... T.T

Today is the last day with mommy.... tonight she will take a flight go back to where my granpa's live.... Mommy said.. this time will be quiet long as my grandpa only free to meet her on feb which means she will come back at 18feb and that made it to be a whole month without her!!! She's so mean... never tell me before this... only told me few days ago and eventhough I complain she cant do anything as she had bought the tic since dec.. see how bad is my mommy.. I'm sure gonna miss her!! I dunno how can I survive without seeing her for the whole month... sob sob..
Last night she prepared all my stuff and toys inside my fav mickey mouse's bag.. she even gave me 1 new toys as the compensate of leaving me alone here...

My new toy... its a baby seal =]

and some random pics that mommy took yesterday...

It's time for me to go now... cuz Winter's daddy is here to pick me up... will be staying with Winter for few days then gonna stay with Ice the poodle and Coco Chanel the maltese till mommy come and fetch me back....
Will be gone for quiet sometime after this as I'm sure no mood to talk as I miss my mommy.. sob sob but no worries guys I will still checking up my blog and if I found something special sure will update u guys.. cuz I wan mommy to know that I miss her!!

Mommy : I will miss u too girl... hope u don't cry too much T_T

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MKA 2009 Dog Show!!

Sorry for the long update pals!
Been busy company mom's go work and also last few days I went to watched MKA Dog Show as my friends that I mentioned before they joined the show =]

Been very tired + happy these few days as mom bring me to work or outing with her.. I can met my friend also play so happily. Thank you so much for bringing me mom! *kiss*

okay.. now cut short about the show... last sunday I went to watch the show @ South City Plaza on the rooftop there. I was so surprise!!! lots of dogs from diff breeds were all there waiting for their turn to go inside the show ring. I'd seen, maltese of course, chihuahua, huskie, pomeranian, german shepherd, doberman, westie, schnauzer, scotties terrierr, and many more...

Angel's mom help to tie my hair too! but too bad I dun have the pic now as mom forgot to bring her memory card so our camera seems useless without memory card -.-" will ask winter's mom to send to me later =]

Here are some pictures from the show taken n post by harakiri @ homeapet. Enjoy guys!

*waiting to go inside the show ring, from left to right : Ying with Angel *3years*, Cherlyn with Faustina *1year*, Juliana with Shiro *the only male, 6 months** and last Sean with Winter [1 year]*

*sorry for the size... resize it till small but here still big -.-" this is the maltese winner which me n mom thinks that Angel is more pretty compare to her... T_T and the judged here is the maltese breeder.. <3*

Will post up my own pic while watching the show and the close up pictures of Angel, Winter, Faustina n Shiro on the next post =]

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year pals!! *hugs n kisses*
sorry for the late update... been busy outing with mom n friends to celebrate New year *grin*

We went to mom's friend house to do BBQ n steamboat party while waiting for the count down.. It was fun and I'm so happy cuz I can meet my friends!! I met Ice, Winter, Summer, and Coco Channel =] We have so much fun there esp when the new year right in front of our eyes and I can see fireworks anywhere!!

Now.... cut off the story as I wan to show ya something! Mom bought me a cheongsam *chinese traditional wear* as chinese new year is right in front and just a few more weeks to celebrate!! I kinda like it at the first time but not for the 2nd or if I have to wear it for so long.. cuz the cloth made me fur tangled and it could be mean 'grooming time' is anytime T_T as yes it is!! Because I'm too happy mom bought me a cloth I wore that for a day and ended up I need to let mom groom me for more than an hour as my fur all get tangled and because of that I dun like to wear it too long although its cute... sob sob

I forgot to take a nice pic soon after I tried the cloth as I was too happy... and this time around mom ask me to wear it again so she can take my pic but I hate it for now as I need to go for another grooming section with mom... so... sorry pals if my pictures cant see clearly... will let mom take another nice pic on chinese new year that day =]

For now.. please enjoy this