Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cutie Pet Fair 8-9 oct'10

Last weekend, mom bring us to Cutie Pet Fair which took place on Central Park, One Utama. It's been a while since the last outing to cherating and this time I'm so exited!! Mommy said, to make-up with the 'dull-and-bored' birthday, she will took us go to the fair as she's gonna be helping her friend to sell some dog cookies for the charity. It was a 2 days event and mom said she cant handle both of us and took care of the booth in 1 time so, she bring me on saturday and switch with Jasmine on sunday. I guess its fair huh?

I was so happy when car come fetch us go but the WEATHER is not FRIENDLY AT ALL!!!! The weather on Saturday was practically HOT HOT HOT HOT and HOT!!! I kept on drinking water and even lay down on the cooling-pack and it still very hot!! I'm gonna remind mom to bring a FAN to whatever event that held on outdoor -_-

Some sneak peak bout us on the event for now. More pictures will be post on the next entry!
Picture courtesy thanks to sasha's mom

One more thing to say... I guess mommy are more into Jasmine nowadays. She even enter Jasmine for the talent show and I'm the one who should enter the contest not her!! she only knew SIT command and came when mommy called. But I can do LOTS of tricks!! *grumps!
It's okay thou as Jasmine miraculously pass the 1st stage but failed at the 2nd stage when she got distracted while mommy called her. I hope after this, mommy will enter me to another contest instead of her!

Autumn & Jasmine

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Bark day to me!!

Today is my Bark-day~~~~ and so I'm gonna said it out loud,


On this day, I'm officially turn 2!
I know this is the time I should be more mature and at least try to be good to mommy and Jasmine.....
BUT THIS IS THE WORST BARK-DAY EVER!! Although last year bark-day was not as what I'm dreaming off but I still got cakes, lots of kisses and also a present from mom. Here I thought mom has something big plan for me this year but non of that happen!!

No cake this year... and what worst is instead of taking care of me in this happy day, she's the one who need to be taken care off! *pouting*
With the unstable weather, lack of sleep, and stress over her piled up assignment, mom finally reach her limit and fall sick! gosh! this is the worst birthday ever! Instead of being treated like a princess, I need to look after her and remind her to sleep when it's time to sleep. Jasmine not helping either -_-

Okay, I need to go back to mom's side and remind her to take medicine. Will see if I could ask something nice in return after she's back on her feet *evil laugh*

here's some picture that mom took today to commemorate my birthday,

Autumn & Jasmine