Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

In this magical day, we wanna share our happiness with everyone here!
We've been so blessed to have met with mommy and be part of the family.

To all furry friends:
We've been so blessed to have meet you all and received many support and love.
We promise to be a better paws friends and will always be supportive and love you guys always.

Before the clock reach 12am, we want to say :
Merry Christmas to everyone~~~
Be healthy and happy always.

Autumn and Jasmine

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas 'preparations'

I bet people are busy preparing Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, Christmastime meal, Christmas gift etc etc. However that's not the case for us. Since we have no winter season (which made me sad cause I LOVE to see white snow on Christmas day....) plus we never celebrate Christmas before, we actually have no idea what to do on this christmas month!!

I've beg mom to buy us small christmas tree but when we went shopping to look for one to bring home we have no luck. Either the tree is too expensive or too big for us to bring back home so we eventually gave up on that. But mom promise us that once we move into a house with more space, we could have our own christmas tree~~

and since we cant afford the tree, we might just stayed at home for this year as mom has yet got her driving license and we cant travel to any resort for the year end. Things has not been going well so far but we might have chance to have a nice walk with grandma in the park as she's coming in just another week time!!!

Oh well, since we have nothing to prepare on, mommy has the idea to prepare 'us' for the coming christmas! With that idea, she's been grooming us for almost everyday and wrap our hair to make sure that we look splendid for our next outing.

this angle made me look so old!

This one cuter! tee-hee

Jasmine getting prettier day by day and her hair grow faster than mine!!! Mom plan to keep her hair and so she's been wrapping the hair to prevent it to get dirty.

As much as I'm happy to meet grandma, yet it is made me sad because it means that mommy might need to leave us for a month starting on January. It's been a routine that mom has to left us to our care taker for a month once a year. It would be good if she can bring us for travel as I hate to be left alone without seeing mommy for a month!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sad present in welcoming christmas...

Dear all, as much as I want to greet you all with a smiling face in the month of December. I have come to bring you all a sad news instead.

Remember my baby brother name Hersley aka Jordan? The one who need to go through a brain scanning in order to find out if his brain was injured due to his careless owner? Well... He had passed away this morning at 8.45 am sharp. With his fragile body, he's been fighting a battle of life and death through-out his life and finally he stepped into a beautiful rainbow bridge this morning.

Only few more weeks left before the magical christmas is coming but he can no longer wait for a miracle and only a month left before he turn into 2. I was so heart-broken when I received the news this morning. Jordan was a good little angel and he deserved a better life. The past is the past and what I should I do now is to think that, Jordan is now a free angel who can run through the field with his smile.

I will always remember him as my brave little one who always smile at us with a warm smile despite all the trouble that he went through. Thanks to his current mommy and daddy who always try to give their best for him. I know Jordan appreciated all the things you have done to him and he will always remember both of you.

Sleep well my sweet and brave little brother. I know you will be happy in the beautiful place with friends to play tag and run along. Please remember to always look after you mommy and daddy and send them your blessing.

You can send a warm message to his mom here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just so you know that I (we) still exist!

Just a simple post and update from us to let you all know that we still exist.
Mom getting pretty hectic for her coming exam next week so we wont be able to borrow her comp to do any updates. Besides......... I've suddenly began to have 'blank-idea' on what to write on my blog her @.@

Well, Jasmine began to adapt with her life now (I bet she is!) and became mommy's and everyone favorite (cause the say jasmine is gentle). She became more and more obvious in her plan of stealing mommy from me! Of all thinks she did, I can accept and give in to her but only 1 thing I can't accept... WHY IS SHE MORE PRETTY THAN MEEEEEEE?????

Mom's note : Jasmine seems to adapt pretty well with me and began to show her own expression to me. She was such an attention seeker and began to show her jealously if I bring Autumn out and left her at home. Now I need to take turn bring them out or if place allowed I'll bring both together. I think she's the cutest maltese I've ever seen and I'm happy to have her as my family ^_^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cutie Pet Fair 8-9 oct'10

Last weekend, mom bring us to Cutie Pet Fair which took place on Central Park, One Utama. It's been a while since the last outing to cherating and this time I'm so exited!! Mommy said, to make-up with the 'dull-and-bored' birthday, she will took us go to the fair as she's gonna be helping her friend to sell some dog cookies for the charity. It was a 2 days event and mom said she cant handle both of us and took care of the booth in 1 time so, she bring me on saturday and switch with Jasmine on sunday. I guess its fair huh?

I was so happy when car come fetch us go but the WEATHER is not FRIENDLY AT ALL!!!! The weather on Saturday was practically HOT HOT HOT HOT and HOT!!! I kept on drinking water and even lay down on the cooling-pack and it still very hot!! I'm gonna remind mom to bring a FAN to whatever event that held on outdoor -_-

Some sneak peak bout us on the event for now. More pictures will be post on the next entry!
Picture courtesy thanks to sasha's mom

One more thing to say... I guess mommy are more into Jasmine nowadays. She even enter Jasmine for the talent show and I'm the one who should enter the contest not her!! she only knew SIT command and came when mommy called. But I can do LOTS of tricks!! *grumps!
It's okay thou as Jasmine miraculously pass the 1st stage but failed at the 2nd stage when she got distracted while mommy called her. I hope after this, mommy will enter me to another contest instead of her!

Autumn & Jasmine

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Bark day to me!!

Today is my Bark-day~~~~ and so I'm gonna said it out loud,


On this day, I'm officially turn 2!
I know this is the time I should be more mature and at least try to be good to mommy and Jasmine.....
BUT THIS IS THE WORST BARK-DAY EVER!! Although last year bark-day was not as what I'm dreaming off but I still got cakes, lots of kisses and also a present from mom. Here I thought mom has something big plan for me this year but non of that happen!!

No cake this year... and what worst is instead of taking care of me in this happy day, she's the one who need to be taken care off! *pouting*
With the unstable weather, lack of sleep, and stress over her piled up assignment, mom finally reach her limit and fall sick! gosh! this is the worst birthday ever! Instead of being treated like a princess, I need to look after her and remind her to sleep when it's time to sleep. Jasmine not helping either -_-

Okay, I need to go back to mom's side and remind her to take medicine. Will see if I could ask something nice in return after she's back on her feet *evil laugh*

here's some picture that mom took today to commemorate my birthday,

Autumn & Jasmine

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jasmine 1st outing

Time passed so fast and day is passing by....
Without realizing that time is flying fast, I found out that its been 2 months long from the day Jasmine came and stay with us as part of our family. To celebrate that happy day, mom bring us back to Ruby Resort again last week together with Yuyu & Macho's Mommy and also Tiffany & pui-pui tag along together for the fun holiday ^_^

Thou I need to say firmly that I HATE WATER!!! but mommy said swimming is fun and what's worst is that, Jasmine agreed with mommy!!! T-T She's been having a blast playing with water and swimming along and get all the attentions just for herself!

Did you see THAT? I kept on walking along side the water and been calling her to came out from water but this is what she gave me -_-

well.... if you see the beautiful of the beach scenery, I do believe that I should not waste my time to run-away from the water and just accept my faith... so.. I finally get into the water for awhile just so that Jasmine will follow me back home without any complaints!

and it works!

while we finally get our paws back on the sand and walk back home, we found a surprise 'friend' or should I say a 'magnificent friend'?

It was a jelly-fish that been push to the shore by the big wave and both of us + mommy feel surprise to meet such a beautiful 'friend'!! Didi you see the 'glowing' color and feeling that it gave? At first we thought it was already dead but fortunately it still alive and a friends of mom push it back to the sea after it turn to 'brown' color which I guess that's call 'dying'.

Walking in the beach, playing with the water and then meet this fantastic friend has made our 1st day in the resort turn into a dark and tiring day after those hours we spent on the road *3-4 hours driving* but Jasmine seem to have so much fun and behave well for her 1st outing.

and oh, before we finally get to our room and comfy bed to sleep, we meet another 'furry-friends' which we interested with.

This should be an enough report 'bout out 1st day at the resort.
Will let you guys know bout the fun of the 2nd day of holiday on the next post.

By then, Jasmine say hello and thanks to all friends who keep on sending love to her and she said this is how she's going to repay you all, by living her life to the fullest and be happy always ^_^

Love from,
Autumn & Jasmine the maltese

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jasmine has been blessed

Sorry for the slow update on Jasmine and I know you've been missing her ever since right?
Well, today I'm determine to give you a BIG SURPRISE on how she was doing right now and so on =]

The story started when I first bring her out for a walk. One week before the outing, I've been letting her wear the harness at home to let her getting use with it so she wont have any problem when I bring her out for a walk. On the day of outing, I've began to think if she will eventually scared if I let her walk with the harness as she was pretty scared when I try the harness on her. But this thinking is soon to be thrown away after I saw how she was doing on that day.

I've always believe that pictures is worth more than thousand of words. Which means, whatever I've been telling you all bout Jasmine, its still can't represent a picture which worth more than a words. So, why don't you see the pic and judge yourself? what do you guys think?

pictures credit to a friend of mine who helped me capture Jasmine's happy moment =]

Well, I do know that she loves taking a stroll around the park at least. She kept on running happily and pulling me around with her tail waging as if she never stop! It was the day when I felt so happy and lucky to be her mom. Even if people always compared her with Autumn and always told me that Jasmine is ugly and I shouldn't get her back in the first place, etc. I can proudly announce here that, I'll never regret I 'bought' her back home with me since day one and I always believe that it's not me who choose the dog but their the one who choose me instead ^^

Here are some 'gifts' for you all.. my dear friend whom I will always look up to and ask for help when I'm in need ^_^

I will end this post with my sleeping angel....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm on newspaper Cover!!!!

As I said, My picture was up on the newspaper!!! But not my 'pretty' pic thou -.-"
The paper was out on the last Friday, 6 August 2010 on China Press. Practically this cover is actually talk about the previous group who went to the Ruby Resort last June/July 2010 but the people want some dog's pictures which is in wet condition as the resort was practically near a beach and sooooooo picture of me and Scottie pose together was chosen as the cover. Both me and Scottie did not went to the resort this year so the picture is actually taken when we went there last year.

Are you guys ready to see the cover?

| | | | |

| | | |

| | |

| |


*don't know what happen suddenly the right side became so blur*

Winter (maltese), Fortune (maltese) and Rocky (long hair dachshund)'s mommy and daddy interviewed by the writer and so this page told about their stories.

Thou we're not supposed to be in the cover but it's good and me and Scottie did took a pic when we're both wet after playing in the beach muahauahu *evil laughs*

Another great news to be update : Jasmine is now part of our family!!! Mom has finally get Grandma permission to keep Jasmine and to celebrate it mom did bring her to an outing. New pic of Jasmine will be updated and posted on the next post!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I have a great news!

Yeap! I really do have a GREAT NEWS!!!
First of all, mom has finished her exam so she got more time for me! err Jasmine as well *though I prefer to have mom for my self* When mom finally got time to see us clearly she said "Oh gosh! both of you really need some make-over!" and so we were sent to the groomers!!! I don't like it cause I cant see mommy there but mommy told me that the groomers are a good people who can made me looks pretty. Since I do wanna look pretty I just agreed to be sent to the groomers. After few hours this is what we look like

you tell me... did we look pretty here? =D

Okay, I had tell u guys the first good news so this is another one. Mommy went back to the vet yesterday and the vet told her that Jasmine is free from any earmites and so she's all healthy now! This means both of us are allowed to follow mom to go out for any gathering~~~ *throw confetti* Last great news is grandma is coming and she will arrived tomorrow night. Though I'm happy to see her again but I'm still hoping she will officially accept Jasmine into our family. Let's get our finger cross and hope that mommy can convince grandma to let Jasmine stay with us =]

One more thing, this post is made to show my love and mom's appreciation towards Mango. I'm so happy to know that I have such a kind brother and I'm really thankful for everything that he did to me, mom and Jasmine. Love you brother!

Lastly, I would like to send my regards to all paw friends who had sent us all the kind words and courage about Jasmine. She is now living her life to the fullest and would like to say 'thank you' to you all.

Thank You My Friends,
Love from us,