Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Support Mommy!

First of all, thank you for all comments and prayer given for my previous post. I agree with some of you that its not good to always feel depressed and yes, I can't stop these thing to happen but I CAN show my supports and helping those in needs especially in educating people about treating us as 'family' instead of animals with four-legs :)

Thanks for all supports, kisses and huggies that you have given to me. Currently I feel so blessed to have such a friend who understand how important it is for human to know that we too, have feelings and deserve to be love as they did to each other.

With that, Mommy has 'secretly' arrange a special party to celebrate my coming barkday! It supposed to be a 'secret party' but I'm smart enough to sniff it out this soon! Since Mom never celebrate my barkday with party or what-so-ever, I never expect anything to happen this year too! However, I did realize that Mom has been acting pretty weird by taking out my old dresses and asked me to try it on. Then she took her measurement tape and start to measure my body which then I found out that Mom asked 'someone' to hand-made a special dress for me!! Hear it? Hand-made dress with special design and special party just for ME!!

Oh gosh! I can't wait to see my new dress and of course my 1st official bark-day cake *roll-eyes*
Please don't tell her that she's busted! Otherwise she will think all her hard work to prepare this special day has gone to waste. Now I gotta prepare to act like I've known nothing about this and I'll need to practice for my reaction too!

Before I go, Mom has setup new website for her passion and love towards 'family' like us and she thought of sharing it to educate people as well as to let people know more about the important of having us as family instead of pets. Please show support on her new website, it still new and she'll need more time to improve the site and so on. The new site will also serve as a place where she could go ramblings around on anything *even me and Jazzi*. I appreciate it much if any of you could let me know if Mom were to talk bad about us!

Feel free to drop by to ❤Maltese❤

Hugs and kisses from me Autumn and my sis Jasmine!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is our live on danger now?

Dear paw-friends who love to stop by and read this blog... I'm sure some of you who stopped by often will know that it's been nearly 2 months no updates from my after my previous post.

The reason on no update is simple : many things had happen in these 2 months and it does not make me happy. Too many sad news to hear and too many cruel reality that I have to accept while living as 'me'.

On this blog, I'd share my sad news on how my brother, Jordan and recently my friend, Faustina has to continue their journey on the other world. Today, there are more sad news that I brought over to share and I should say its the reason why I 'delayed' my post over and over again.. I thought by 'stop' sharing this sad news for a while could make me stand up again and be cheerful BUT instead of back to cheerfulness and happiness that I used to, I fell more deep into the world of 'depressed' and was practically thinking, is there any SAVE PLACE for us to LIVE in this country/world?

Today post shall be dedicated to all moms and dads that has poured unconditional love to the kind of animals like us who some people think that we're nothing except a creature called 'dogs'.

After my previous post about Faustina, another sad news pierce my heart as I received news about Seraph, cute lil maltese that I wanted to adopt as my lil sister. We've met only twice and most importantly Seraph is just a lil baby who have yet to start her own journey and life!! She passed on the age of 10 months old and left mystery to the family as she shows nothing unusual before her departed day....

I'll surely miss u my little sister...

YET not long after I received Seraph's news, another news came to me... this time is the news about YuYu passed on... She's one of the 'great' maltese role for all her grand-kids and her will to live is so strong even when vet advice her mom that she might not survive on one of her few battles.

YuYu was a maltese which used for breeding until the age of 8 years old which then adopted by her current family. Not only once or twice but she went into fights with one of her daughter until 1 day when the fight had resulted her to lost her jaws and with blood all over her. Even when her vet said it was impossible to help her, YuYu shows him that she is strong and within time she's back on her feet again and smile to us. However, her life ended unexpectedly on the age of 11 years and 8 months old.

The maltese on the picture is one of her great grandson, Macho.

and today... another news was sent to me which broke my heart more than anyone... its the news of my grandma, Tiffany has died due to car hit and run accident. This news is hard for me and my sis Jasmine to accept because Tiffie was our 'family'. She was my grandma and she was a sister to Jasmine (same mother but different father). I've only met her few times but Jasmine has only met her once when we went to some beach resort to spent our holiday. Out of all news that I received within 2 months, the dead of Tiffie is really one harsh reality that I need to accept.

All this while, news about passing on, dead, injured etc etc that I shared here is mostly within my connection but in actual life, there are many cruel reality that is happened in our country which some of you may or may not heard before. For example, a person who had a shop and openly sell dog meat, psycho person who chop off the dog's head and throw the countless body-without-head to the dumpster and more famous act is dog-napped case.

Yes, not only accident but dog-napped case. This is happened just few days ago and my breeders 2 siberian huskie was dog-napped in the middle of the night and not yet been found. Not only them, there's even a case of people stole someone car with their dog inside and throw the dog out in the middle of the road. Car has been found but no news about the dog.

These dog-nappers when they succeed in dog-napped the dogs, they will bring it to sell on the black market and this is makes it hard for the owner to track down. This is an example of people who treat us like a 'money-funding-machine'. They FORGOT the fact that we too, has a heart that could be hurt badly but they'll never know that we are also a loyal friend who will never leave our family until the day we part away....

I've been thinking for awhile and this questions came into mind. Is there any SAFE place for us to live? or Is there any place where we could live happily without being scared to be separated from our family or feelings an anxious when one of our friends disappear? and most importantly, even if we behave nicely outside, people still look at us with weird glance and always thought that we are 'dirty'. Yes, dirty... because one of my usual pet friendly place has been put into trouble by the authority because they ALLOWED us to visits the restaurant together with our moms and dads.

Tell me, if we can't even step our paws on any places outside our house, is that means our lives could only be isolated in the house? If that is, I believe our live would be as bored as sleeping and eating with nothing much to do other than these.

In the mean time, for those who stayed in Malaysia please help me to watch out for 2 sibes who is dearly missed by the family :)

Best regards from,
Autumn, Jasmine and also Mommy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm the BOSS!!!

Mom bought something 'fun'? few days back and I finally get a hang of it.

Let me show you something 'fun'!

At first, I've no idea what this supposed to mean then.... after days and days of 'breaking' my brain I finally understand the meaning of it! Since mom bought it for me, I might as well 'act' as what it says right?

First I'll do a soft roar to let them know that I'm in charge now!

Since I'm now stand at the higher 'rank' its okay to make this expression to those of lower ranks

If anyone oppose me being the boss, all I need to do is gave them another big roar!

and of course, at the end of the day I need to show them my prettiest pose to ensure them the tittle I held now really suit me!

So..... what do you guys think? Would I make a great 'Queen' in this household?

Autumn the QueenBee

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jasmine turn 6 today!!

Today is Jasmine's special day as she turn 6 TODAY~~!!

She still as spoilt and naughty as before but she's getting way better in adapting herself to our life in this 1 year. I'm glad I made a good decision to take her back with me as she's too are now part of our family ^^

Wish her to be more healthy and can live a long happy life with us!

Happy Barkday girl
*sorry for the messy bdae girl =p*

and uhm...
We've just joined Saturday Pet Blog Hop hosted by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.

It's a fun to hop to one another and a good way to made new friends :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Faustina in Memory...

I've prepared to come and bring good news but instead I bring another BAD news...
Remember Faustina? She was with me when we're visiting Ruby Resort 2 years ago. Reading this and this might help to refresh the memory :)

Her story began when her mommy tells us that she was admitted to hospital early of March and then later on vet informed her and Fausti has been diagnosed to have a liver damage. From then on, her suffering began to add up each and every day...

First news that we heard, on early March:

"Dr suspect she got acute canine pancreatic..liver enzymes result was far beyond bad..might be she had eaten something also,but i cant think of any pesticide i use that she can i don't use pesticides...also a bit anemic suspected to have tick fever,but cant confirm..what i have to do now is to watch her diet,supplement her liver and hope it will heal in half to 1 yr time.."

Her conditions after the first incident:

11 April

yest she was fine....recovering and i was happy she can jump around n on to the couch...but this morning keep vomiting and dun even have strength to she is on iv drip....admitted again...worried"

"she is still on IV she is too weak and cant effort to even digest her food..."

13 April

"Visited Fausti, doesn't show fact, gotten worse..seems like she'll be on drop for at least a week...worried.."

"this time, it affects the stomach...and the nerves..."

17 April

"very very worried bout Faustina's condition....her drip came off and both hands have been cannula-ted...she needs the drip badly.she is force fed now..really hope she can b well soon n come back home.."

6 May

"Faustina needs medical support will be a long term thingy....suspected she is partially blind and brain we are financially tight with bb coming very soon..she already used up partial of baby's portion..worried....haiz"


"still struggling,but more stable now.....some of her neuron is damaged and she cant fully control herself...she is very dependent on medication for liver and neuron now....those medicine have to be taken long term...once stop,come again...last week,she cant even stand on her feet....very very thin as she dun wan to eat,we got to force feed her every meal...she cant take normal food or even kibbles which is too oily....if u c her,u will feel so pity....really like those dogs that has been neglected and only can c fact,you can count how many bones she have...we spent a lot on her and did whatever we can to save,is up to her to go say her condition is very complicated and rare..."

14 May

"Faustina is down again...reli duno wat to do...was fine yest..sigh"

the vet says she is down with episode epilepsy...sigh"

Yesterday, 31st May

"Faustina's condition is nt improving,bt it has gotten seems like her second eye showing sign of blindness...haiz"

vet say her condition is very link to another very quickly...she is helping me to do research n update me every now and then...still,nothing much we can do.."

Today, exactly 4 hours ago I received a shocking news... Fausti is gone. She had left us and began her journey on the other world....

I can't believe she has left us and I don't even have a chance to see at for the last time... I miss her so much and I keep on praying for her to get well soon but it seems that GOD has a better idea for her. At least she won't have to suffer more than she should. She's been fighting for the last 3 months and she finally reach her limit. The fact that she's only 3 really made my heart pains so much because she still have many many things to explore and experience before she go.... She has yet to witness the soon-to-be-born baby boy...

This is our 2nd lost after the lost of our baby Jordan last year... Fausti lost really made us speechless as she was the prettiest and princess-look-alike maltese that we've ever so! Knowing that another maltese had left us, it's really made me sad to knowing the truth.

I hope Fausti is happy and will always bless her family and soon-to-born- baby boy...

Some image of Fausti from her mommy...

Autumn, Jasmine and Mommy :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Before I hand over to my 'devils'

Sorry for not getting back to you guys earlier. I need to make sure things are gotten in control before I write another post here :)

First of all, thank God that the skin problem has now under control with medicated shampoo and some antibiotic to prevent it to spread into worst case scenario. Since it cant be cure 100% unless we find the root cause of the irritation, I've gotten some antibiotics on hand in case the symptoms are coming back again.

Secondly, autumn has some issue with one of her joint due to her super-active act which tend to be so exited and jumps a lot. Fortunately, she doesn't need to undergo any surgery at the moment but I need to make sure she doesn't get so hyper and made the joint more loosen that it has now. Her current supplement would be some glucosamine and power balance (collagen) to boost the bone to grow stronger and hopefully it will make the joint to be strong and wont move around so easy. Other than this, I need to constantly confine her on the comfortable small cage (not those wire cage nor travel cage) inside her pen while I'm not at home. This is to prevent her from climbing out from her pen as what she normally did when I'm not at home. It breaks my heart to see her crying inside the cage whenever I put her in, but I hope she'll get the idea that this is for her own good.

As for Jasmine, her blood test came out fine and I guess she's one healthy gal who doesn't looks old at all!

With all these things that happen to us, to start a 'new-chapter' of their life, I gave Jasmine a new hair cut with a hope that nothing serious gonna stumble upon us in the future.

I shall pass this blog back to my devils and hopefully we're be back REAL soon =)

Love and thanks,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mommy's post....

Dear friends, mommy here....
Sorry for not be able to blog-walking and update about anything. Things has turn dramatically since Jasmine's last post and now I'm afraid of what is gonna happen to autumn. Her skin problem/allergy doesn't seem to recover and medicine from our vet does not have any improvement at all. In fact, the problem has now start to spread around her other part of the body and shall I said became worst?

Last week she start to snort? as in, whenever she breathing, I can hear some sort of snort from her nose and she even get choke on 'invisible' thing? With no warning she can suddenly get choke and cough like want to vomit but nothing come out or no vomit at all. I thought it was just a temporary habit that will soon stop on it self, but I guess I'm wrong about that. Last night when I was feeding her, suddenly she get this 'dangerous' choking accident which cant stop for awhile and scared me to death. With no end to other possibilities, last night she was crying and whining the whole night which I suspect she might be in pain... Now while I'm typing this. she has turn into a dog who has no energy at all and just laying around or sitting around looking at me with her sad face. Seeing her like this, I decided to bring her to another vet which I hope they could help me solve the problem and also I plan to take her for a blood test. Since my 1st vet has no idea about the cause of the allergy and things has gone so much worst than before I decided to take the blood test to find out the answer for what I've been looking for. It's nearly a month now and I've been worried sick about her 'un-solved' problem.

I might not be able to post for awhile until I found out what is wrong with my baby and I will try to update about her condition as soon as I get any idea about what is happening now.
For the time being, I need your pray and support and hope that nothing serious is gonna happen to my baby.

Thank You,
From : Mommy

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When it's raining outside....

It's best to.........

Autumn doesnt know that I secretly took this picture while she asleep in the cold breeze of rain. She should know that I began to take over this blog so its a 'warning' from me to NOT simply do anything bad towards me ~~~

Best regards,
Jasmine the pretty maltese~~~

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vet visit + celebration

We (actually it's autumn & mom) went to visit vet yesterday. Before she took off, she took her camera and snap autumn which is look like this

But when they came back home few hours later, I was so SHOCK!!! My beautiful sister has turn into......

I wonder if people get what I mean? This picture is too 'bright' and autumn was smiling happily so I bet some people might get the wrong idea bout the 'shocking' news muahuhua but what I'm talking bout is this one here, the next picture

Can you feel it??? Can you feel how SHOCK I am to see my beautiful sister turn into...... a-chinese-crested-breed-look-alike @.@ While I'm looking at mom with confused eyes, mom told me that the allergy and rashes are way too much and itchy for autumn so she needs to get it shaved. It was hard for me to accept the reality but seeing 'happy' face that is finally appear on sissy's face I guess accepting it is not a bad idea right? Since autumn is now feel at ease and back to herself instead of being gloomy like the previous accident.

While I'm still wondering and confusing my self. Mom and her friend got an idea to do steamboat party to celebrate the shaved autumn! Yeah celebrate! Mom said, rather than being gloomy for the day, why don't we turn this day into one happy day? Being shaved is indeed one sad thing for both mommy and sissy (and me too!) but she said, we should think that with this condition, autumn back to her normal self and the hair doesn't really bug her anymore so, we should think of it as one happy thing right? :)

As soon as the talking done its job, we went for the grocery shopping and tada~~~

See we got our self chicken and beef~~~ *drools*
This feast is for 2 human and 7 furbabies =p
and not to forget I MUST INCLUDED in this post cause I'm in charge for blogging until autumn get better tee-hee

Jasmine the Queen and Autumn the servant =p

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grooming time!

Holla~~~ it's me Jasmine the pretty! am I right? tee-hee

Yesterday, is what we hate the most! (bathing time). I do want to look pretty but sometime I don't understand why should we get our shower when we'll just get our-self dirty again in no time?

It's been 2 weeks now and I guess autumn are showing some improvement thou her skin condition has yet to recover fully. I can see some white hair are now flying around in our room and this is not supposed to happen. Her skin has start to peel-off and *hopefully* it wont turn into one serious skin problem cause we're going to visit vet this week.



as you can see, she looks different now and some bald spot or the skin problem cant be seen in this picture cause the coat it blocking it.

Mom also gave me a hair-cut cause she said I look like a mini-sheep with short legs and long coat -.-""

also not to forgot picture of the day for both of us :)

I hope this week vet's visit would give some nice report regarding autumn condition, at least some comfy for mom who is now starting her battle for her last year in Uni.

Jasmine and my cute sissy, autumn

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hola everyone!!! This is Jasmine and I'm gonna stole the spotlight for this post *grin*.
I'm not gonna give this spot for my sissy, autumn cause she got her spot way TOO MUCH!! I'm no longer want to be left behind the screen and always be the 'second'. It is time for me to get my share! afterall the tittle of this blog has my name isn't??

First of all..........


Oops... did I overdid it?? Oh well I don't care! Since mommy is back here with us, it means we no longer have to suffer everyday missing her like crazy! We've been living in a hell for over a month (even when I went to toilet I miss how she took the toilet paper to wipe my butt). You guys have no idea what we've been living in for a month till we lose a lil bit of our weight just to miss her like crazy!

As much as I miss her like crazy, of course we shouldn't forget to ask for a 'pressie' whenever someone is going abroad right? but I think it's too much to ask from her cause she only 'bought' 3 things for us ......

1. Hair Clips
2. Leash for my sis, autumn
3. Dancing ball?

I guess the only thing that made us feels a lil bit happy is the 'dancing' ball? Hmmmm.....
Let's hope this dancing ball could entertain us!

Jasmine the cutie.

Mommy here... just a little note about what's happen with my girls. Overall Jasmine been doing great just that her tendency to lick her paws has turned her front paws into 'red/brown' instead of white. While autumn not doing so great, she's losing a lil bit of her weight and her condition is not so good either. Their pet-sitter told me that autumn's hair has become so weak that it'll break even when she just lightly comb the hair. I've been trying to feed her any supplement about healthy skin and coat but never realize that her condition has become so much worst till her coat is dropping heavily and I can clearly see her 'red' skin just by looking at her. She is now doesn't look like a maltese in any angle of view and I can't describe how frustrated and devastated I've been after seeing her like this. What I can do now is continuing feeding healthy coat and skin supplement for her condition as well as putting more conditioner and moisturizing also coat protector to enhance the hair/new hair to grow thicker and stronger. Will post her picture in few days time to update.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Millie, the white schnauzer!!!

Today I'm gonna introduce you all to someone special~!
as some of you all know, mom is back at her hometown and I'm now at our pet-sitter care. We couldn't follow her back home this year but she promise us that we could follow her back end of this year! Isn't that a great news?? I can't wait to go back to our 'home' there and meet all the family and friends that we couldn't meet before.

There's one more thing I need to show you guys. I just received some photos from mom through our pee-mail and I'm kinda jealous after I saw the photos!!! Do you know why?? She's been having fun with another dog while we're both stuck here missing her like crazy!!!

These are the photos she sent to us

This is Millie and she's 7 months old now.... I guess I should call her as 'cousin' eh? Does she looks like a giant baby? she's now 7 kg and her cloths is too tight for her just in few months!

Can't wait to see her soon in real and I hope we could be a good playmate as mom said Millie is just as crazy as meeeeeeeeee

I hope mommy faster come back and fetch us home!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mommy new gadget~!

Mommy got herself a new toy~~~~ we're both so happy for her cause we know that she's been wanting that 'toys' for quiet sometime. The day she brought back her new toy to intro it to us, we've know that our life might not gonna be so 'peaceful' like our old days so we've made a small agreement with mom. We agree to became her model in return, she promise to only capture our nice face and not the funny movement.

After few hours she show us these pictures

What do you guys think? Should we both continue to be her model or should we cancel the agreement?

Before we end this post we want to say
Happy New Year 2011
to all family, friends and whoever drop by to our blog.

May this new year bring us happiness, healthiness, and a blessed year.

Hugs and kisses,

Autumn & Jasmine