Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vet visit + celebration

We (actually it's autumn & mom) went to visit vet yesterday. Before she took off, she took her camera and snap autumn which is look like this

But when they came back home few hours later, I was so SHOCK!!! My beautiful sister has turn into......

I wonder if people get what I mean? This picture is too 'bright' and autumn was smiling happily so I bet some people might get the wrong idea bout the 'shocking' news muahuhua but what I'm talking bout is this one here, the next picture

Can you feel it??? Can you feel how SHOCK I am to see my beautiful sister turn into...... a-chinese-crested-breed-look-alike @.@ While I'm looking at mom with confused eyes, mom told me that the allergy and rashes are way too much and itchy for autumn so she needs to get it shaved. It was hard for me to accept the reality but seeing 'happy' face that is finally appear on sissy's face I guess accepting it is not a bad idea right? Since autumn is now feel at ease and back to herself instead of being gloomy like the previous accident.

While I'm still wondering and confusing my self. Mom and her friend got an idea to do steamboat party to celebrate the shaved autumn! Yeah celebrate! Mom said, rather than being gloomy for the day, why don't we turn this day into one happy day? Being shaved is indeed one sad thing for both mommy and sissy (and me too!) but she said, we should think that with this condition, autumn back to her normal self and the hair doesn't really bug her anymore so, we should think of it as one happy thing right? :)

As soon as the talking done its job, we went for the grocery shopping and tada~~~

See we got our self chicken and beef~~~ *drools*
This feast is for 2 human and 7 furbabies =p
and not to forget I MUST INCLUDED in this post cause I'm in charge for blogging until autumn get better tee-hee

Jasmine the Queen and Autumn the servant =p


Priscilla said...

Oh dear Autumn, it's so good to see your happy face, you look great. Don't worry about the coat, it will grow back in no time and before you know it, you'll be fully covered by your white fluffy coat again.
The shave will actually helps you a lot because your skin will be dry and clean all the time, the itchiness can't grow and stay there so you won't feel the itch. Hana had skin sensitive before and after she gave birth to Eva, her skin was getting worse. She had a shave too which helped her tons. With the medical baths twice a week, she actually healed within a very short period and her hair grew back very soon too.
Our paws will cross for you, Autumn. Get well soon.

Remington said...

Maybe they went a little short this still look GREAT!

Thor and Jack said...

I understand you, Autumn. I have skin issues too. You look greatGet well soon!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Autummn, is it you, lil' sis?
Where all your nice silky hair? Now you're so nekkid, hehe!
Hope you will get your fur back in no time, beautiful sis. Hugging both of you.

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Oh my, bahaha, well, it's a way to keep cool. I got that before (the allergies, and the shaving), so I understand how you and your sissy feel.


Seraph said...

Jasmine! You look so fluffy....
Autumn, I'm sure you're feeling less itchy and cooler now with the shave.... Getting well is on its way! Hold on!

Love, Seraph

Daisy said...

Oh Autumn, you look so tiny now! I'm glad the hairdo makes your skin feel better.

scotsmad said...

Poor Autumn, but she must feel better to look so happy. We hope her allergy clears up soon, so she can be all fluffy again.

We love the look of that steamboat. SHE says she hasn't had that for years. Enjoy.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

the booker man said...

miss autumn!

i bet you can totally feel the wind on your skin now! that was one really short fur cut you got there! i'm glad it makes you feel better, though, and i bet your skin will get better very soon now, too!

the booker man

Maggie and Mitch said...

If this will help your itches then it's a good thing, Autumn! Your fur will grow back!
Your steamboat looks delicious! yummmm

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Autumn! Sure it was not funny that they took "almost" all your fur away! But I hope it will help you to feel better soon!
Now, you two look very different!
Hair... no hair.... hair... no hair!
Aaaand that sure was a yummilicious celebration!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Teddy Bear said...

The haircut is pawfect for summer.:) Very cool and refreshing. What a feast.:)

Teddy Bear

Anna the GSD said...

Time to step up the wardrobe! All kinds of new clothes are needed!! Don't worry, it will grow back and be even fluffier!!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Should I save my floof fur her?


Jon Terry said...

My Paws are crossed so that your skin can get well and you can have your lovely coat back.

Love ya,
Jon Terry