Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on Baby Axl Part 2

Update on Hersley boy,
Hersley is jumping up and down these few days n waking me up in early morning to drink water. Just that his appetite for food is still low.
A lot of ppl has offered help and suggestions of all kind and I would like to say thanks. We just dont hope to go to this vet and that vet and getting more n more medicines to try on hersley.
He had been on multiple dignosis and multiple medications which i dont hope to try more medications on him. Every vet has his own opinion, eg, he must have virus (most common), it must be parasites,sign of concussions, it must be poison, some says dont listens to docs, some suggested other medications, try more vets, try their docs. But most of all, what I see is that he had knocked his head and the bruise stayed there for more than 2 weeks and I looked for the symthom online, and it suits.
He had been on drips for 2 days, trieds immune booster by a kind donater, on parasite medications, given jab, antibiotic, on scorban, anti-vomit medicine, anti diarrhea, on glucose, given colostrum (T-Factor), for almost 3 weeks now. Anymore things to try on him, I hope not. If he has knocked his head and the bruise stayed for sometime, i hope not to ignore that sign by hoping it to be something else. His vacination has been long overdue too cause he is too weak to go for the 2nd jab.
Progress of Hersley - Hersley is now 3 1/2 months old
1. In period of 3 weeks, Fit (seizures) for 3 times, last fit was last week. consider stable now
2. couldnt stand, waking dizzyly like a crab, tripped side ways occassionally to walking normal but weak.
3. Not playing with anydogs and grumpy until now.
4. Sleeping near 23 hours a day to sleeping lesser now.
5. vomited however last vomit was 4 days ago, dont like food with taste
6. Diarrhea but poo is firm n nice now
7. excessive drooling, has stopped
8.Eating a lil to not eating. Now, eating 10 cent coin size a amount of food in a day.
9. forced to drink water. Now, drinking on his own.
10. Around 0.7cm long hole in the middle of skull- wondering the long hole is there due to the fall?
11. Now started to bark whenver I am not around.
12. Pale gum, now looks normal
13.Bruise on scalp stratch from the forhead to the back just disappear few days ago
So, just try on the scan okay guys? We are willing to travel to Kuantan as long as it helps. The appointment is schedule tomorrow morning 10am. The only weakness of this scan is Hersley has to go on anesthetic which I am a lil scared as he is weak.
I have called up the vet, and acording to him, the scan is around RM1.5k to RM2.5k depending on the duration of the scan. So, will try to nego with him at 1.5k as this is the amount we expected earlier.
Hersley Boy aka Axl had gain back his strength because of the love that you all sent. I hope he will remain as healthy as he is now as he had suffered enough when he needs to put on drip and also medicine that he needs to take.
Thank you so much paws!! Will let you all know the result of the scanning =]


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh his name is Hersley, how cute.
We keep our paws crossed for him.
He deserves a good health, a happy life just like any of us here watching and praying for his progress.
Love and hugs, thanks for updating Autumn.

Suzuki said...

I still have my paws crossed fur him :) Thank you fur stopping by and showing your concern fur Scooby. He is doing a bit better today. The vet believes it is either trauma (from knocking himself while playing) or his prostate. If it clears up over the next couple of days, it was just a trauma, otherwise he has to go in fur an ultra sound.
Big licks to you

Shopping is Love said...

i'm very happy to know that he has get better! i will still be praying for him, cos he should live happily and healthy!

best regards

Lorenza said...

I am so happy to know he is doing a little better.
I still have my paws crossed for him. I hope everything goes well with the scan.
Take care
Kisses and hugs