Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New skin look fresh?

Finally I found a great skin to change! 8D
Been searching until now and finally found this skin which gave me a fresh feeling... what do u think bout it?

ohh... I got something to share... about my mom stupidity -.-"
She bought me new clothes but I can't wear it cuz botf of it TOO BIG for me to wear *grumble*
Mom always told me not to grow so big later became fatter n bla bla bla.. but herself bought BIG size cloth for me... Don't u think she's kinda stupid or forgetful?? sigh.. I kept on wondering how am I gonna live with her if she still behave like this..

Mom : STOP calling me stupid! I'm ur mom so at least respect me!! *pout*
Me : u r indeed my mom.. but I cant believe how can u be this stupid!
Mom : Stop it! or I wont bring u out again! hmph!
Me : I love you mom~~~ *kiss* lol

I've been MIA for so long... so I guess some of u miss my grown up pic eh? I turn to 5 months old early of this month and mom kept on say that I look taller + prettier + of course nottier!! But I bet all of u sure agree with me... 5 months old mean its time to explore and be adventurous rite?

Here are some pictures of my new cloths bought by my stupid pretty mother 8D

since I cant wear it mom decided to seal it up until I big enuf to wear!

This is my revenge! I was so happy to have new cloths but...

These are some random pics that mom took just now... she told me to pose nice nice but... I have another plan =p

and finally she decided to give me treats to bribe me *evil laugh*

I want treats!

okay! I pose I pose!
Mom : would u please smile abit? -.-"

Me : Like this?
Mom : Good girl =]

Me : Now... where's my treat?
Mom : Need to strecth ur tongue till that long just for a treat?
Me : I'm hungry...
Mom : I just fed you! @.@


♥玮倩 said...

Hello Autumn,

the new blog skin is really pretty (:

such a pity that you couldnt fit into those beautiful clothes, but dont fret, you could still wear them when you get older ^^

Best regards

Maggie and Mitch said...

We love your new blog look, Autumn! Your new outfits are so cute! We can't wait until you grow into them so you can model them for us!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Autumn!
I like your new look too!
Very fresh!
New clothes!! Don't worry. They will fit you soon!
Kisses and hugs

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I love all your cute pictures, some pictures just made my mom thought it was me, we do look alike Autumn.
Please come see my blog, surprisingly, my blog have same skin as yours. Maltese rocks, don't we?

Snowy and Crystal said...

awwh Autumn,

such a pretty skin you have here ^_^ it is just like Crystal'a handsome man, Mango's blog skin.

we sure love it

=D hehe your mommy is sweet and thoughtful to buy you clothes. Maybe she is keeping it until you grow a lil bigger

Please stop by our blog to collect the "friendship Rose Award" that we pass it to you ^_^



Autumn the maltese said...

Thanks for all the comments!
*hugs all* =]

Mango : yeah.. maltese rocks! and I wonder how our mom choose the same skin? it really has a fresh feeling ^^

Snowy&Crystal : thanks for the award. Luv it dear.. will ask mom to post it up on the next post =]